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    documents you need to enter or leave the USA

    Yeah you can. Re-entry is not a problem with GC and passport.
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    VISA Information for Countries

    Hi all, this is a thread for visa information for countries. Please discuss RTD timelines and such in the other relevant threads, as this thread is getting full with irrelevant posts.
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    International Driving Permit

    That's nice. Oregon seems to be enlightened.
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    Authorized to work on Expired Green card?

    You can work. Your green card expires, but your LPR status does not. Do you have a social security card without restrictions stated on it, and do you have a driving licence or state ID? These two are sufficient to prove eligibility to work.
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    Requesting immigration records from USCIS

    Yeah I filed a FOIPA request and got some stuff back. Don't remember what they sent but there was a lot of redacted information. It'll likely be free, but they can choose to charge you if they have to work heavier than expected to get you your information (unlikely). They will inform you of the...
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    Covid Stimulus Check for PR overseas

    Can't the parent open a US account online?
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    Green card issues

    Yeah, USCIS. I call it CIS because I feel the US part is really unnecessary, just like most of the US flags that are displayed in the country. We all know where we are :p . It's like how they always have to say "the president of the United States' every freaking time they mention the president...
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    Continuous residence requirements-question

    Ok. Well, some will tell you to go ahead and apply, and I expect your chances of running into trouble are not high, BUT I think they do exist. To be safe, wait, but you can also wait until someone else comments here and gives you encouragement with their own similar and successful experience.
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    Green card issues

    I would say yes you can travel. But I would also suggest you contact CIS to ask if a replacement would be offered free of charge. If so, take it. You can always get a stamp in your passport in the interim as proof of LPR status.
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    Who actually needs a Certificate of Citizenship?

    Some countries might ask for a CoC or other non-passport proof of citizenship when applying for benefits there, like for naturalisation in Germany for example (anecdotal evidence). In some countries, passports aren't sufficient, and they ask for birth certificates and/or...
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    Continuous residence requirements-question

    That's a lot of trips. You were out for 500 days out of 730 days? Was it to the same country every time? I guess if you were employed in the US, you should be fairly safe, but they could question you a lot. As I always say, if you have no urgent need for citizenship, and you don't intend to have...
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    You may not meet the continuous residence requirement - Warning

    If you can wait and file five years after you moved to the US for good, that would be best. They could deny you for breaking continuous residence, and it's not worth the hassle if you don't need citizenship urgently.
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    Green card issues

    So, Cathy-Ann is your first name, and Ann is not a middle or second name? This is what they probably assumed. Normally a shortened name is not a problem, esp. if it's really long (they go mostly by your passport), but in this case if it's your entire first name, then I'm not sure. I don't think...
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    Social security office lost my naturalization certificate and i need to travel but don't have us passport

    Contact your congressperson/senators to help you, too. They might be able to help you get a passport and/or replacement naturalisation certificate. Also, contact USCIS and see if they can give you some proof that you are a citizen.
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    Trump's Expected Ban on Birth Right Citizenship

    No way. Orange-utan is just trying to burn the house down as he prepares to be dragged out. He is succeeding in many cases, too, but this will not be one of them.
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    Question about "continuous residence" concept for N-400 filing date

    Yeah don't cut it close. USCIS have been known to make mistakes and reject based on filing date. If you're not in a hurry, even consider using the final move date as your start date, just to be safe. No harm in that if you don't urgently need citizenship.
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    Finally a U.S. citizen!!

    Just apply for a next-day passport with proof of travel and you can go see your family forthwith.
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    Is an LPR required to inform USCIS of change of address?

    Do you have a friend in the US whose address you can use? Otherwise, don't change until you move back. But, if you need the RP, you really ought to have at least a PO Box address in the US.
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    Unexpired re-entry permit, traveling back to US, applying for second re-entry permit

    I applied for two RPs. The second time, they erroneously issued it for just 1 year, so I had to get this corrected while I was abroad. It was nervewracking, as I didn't have a passport and couldn't travel without the RP. I had to get my congressperson and senators involved. Got it eventually...
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    Reentry permit in Covid times

    Another option for phone service is Google Fi. You pay $20 a month for unlimited talk and text in the country, but you can use it worldwide (charges apply - look at the website). The good thing is they let you pause service for 3 months at a time. I have been doing this for about a year (don't...