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    Sponsor mother for GC

    She is not visiting, she is immigrating, er, immigrated. The US is now her permanent home. 1) yes 2) green card is ordered once a combination of fee payment and US arrival on IV. So, yes it's been ordered and give it about a couple of months. Glad you found this forum helpful! Please take...
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    becoming US citizen while spouse's I-485 still in process.

    Did you send proof of your USC status alongside her A# to USCIS? Having a USC baby is immaterial to processing time. Did your wife enter on an F1 visa or change status from a different NIV?
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    Is visiting a family member living illegally in the US illegal?

    CBP could ask who a visitor is staying with. Furthermore, CBP has discretion to contact said individual if they suspect anything at POE. And if they gleam anything suspicious about the host, CBP could set in motion scrutiny of the host. Hypothetically (not tying anything to OP), what if a...
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    My husband's passport is revoked

    You should be able to petition him through USCIS. The marriage ought to be legal if he was divorced from his ex-wife in 2015. Getting his passport would be something your husband has to sort out with the Indian government.
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    My husband's passport is revoked

    Revocation of his passport doesn't invalidate the marriage. If you were both eligible to be married at the time, you should be good to petition him. How did you get your green card?
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    My sister's visa is denied - Need Help

    Nothing we advise on this forum would sway a CO to grant a b2 visa. Your options are either for the sister to try again, or failing that, for you to visit your mother.
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    Citizenship Interview Question

    Send both, ALWAYS be honest and upfront.
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    H1b Transfer in progress with employer-B, rejoin previous employer-A

    Employer A should've informed USCIS and withdrawn the petition once an H1b employee leaves. They should re-petition (and pay again) to re-hire this employee. Usually an employer's attorney should handle H1b-related matters.
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    Green Card Holder sponsoring spouse

    That sounds like an awfully long time for an i-130 to be pending.
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    Pending re-entry permit request

    There was something similar in your thread about a year or so ago. SInce you got the green card through your parents, why haven't you made the US your permanent home? Expect these and perhaps additional questions the next border crossing attempt. You may be flagged in CBP's database.
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    TN when I have a I-130

    I130 petition depicts immigrant intent at some point in the future.
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    Green card through family member

    That means you lied to the visa officer (based on this thread).
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    Green card through family member

    No, you cannot. Suggest that you use the visitor visa to visit, and not look for ways to stay longer. When you applied for the b2 and interviewed, did you mention a desire to adjust visa status once in the US?
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    Naturalization and going abroad..

    Sorry to hear about your dad's health. A USCIS officer can review your entire immigration file and use his/her discretion adjudicating the n400. If you expect to be out longer than six months cumulatively, you're better of leaving the US with a reentry permit and applying for Naturalization...
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    Green card through family member

    Parents, or sister can sponsor you, but it's a long wait, many many years. Once a visa is available, you interview in your country. Cannot use a B2 visa to stay in the US. Tourist visa is for short visits only.
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    Naturalization and going abroad..

    Naturalization odds depend a great deal on the length of your trip(s) outside the US. Do you expect the trip, or trips, to last less than 6 months, or longer than 6 months cumulatively? Applying for a reentry permit is one solution to preserve US residence if the trip could be longer than 6...
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    B2 Visa Extension

    His employer encouraging him to stay sounds spurious, as no employer would want an employee to run afoul of US law. What was your friend's intent when he entered the US? Is the friend familiar with the site or app?
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    B1 in lieu of H1 while waiting for H1B processing

    A b1/b2 visa is for short, temporary trips to the US of a recreational nature. No work allowed!
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    US citizenship application background check for overseas experience

    The US has ways to check on information in non-friendly/non-cooperative countries, as Susie noted above. Your obligation is to provide facts on the n400.
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    GC for father/tax impact

    This appears to be a tax related query more than an immigration one.