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    changing job after 3 & 1/2 months..pls Ginnu/others advise

    Same Situation I was in the same boat, But I left the sponsoring company after 120 days (4 Months). They have applied my I-485 in Dec 2004, I have started working for them well before that. I got my GC in third week of June (Resident Since : First week of June). July first week...
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    Update (LUD change) on I-140 after I-485 approval

    Me too Me too got the same on 09/30/2007 Got My GC on 06/21/2007
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    What does this mean?

    Around the Corner HI skp19722003 Your approval is around the corner. I had following situation. On 06/08 IO replied that the application is moving to staging area. On 06/12 IO replied that my application is waiting to assign to IO. On 06/18 CSR replied that my application is waiting...
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    Card Ordered - EB3-INDIA

    Thanks Thanks, No, Originally applied in NSC from the begining. Hope to see your approval soon.. GCLover007
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    Card Ordered - EB3-INDIA

    After a looooooooooong wait....I got this good news. Current Status: Card production ordered. On June 20, 2007, we ordered production of your new card..... PD : 07-05-2002 RD : 12-21-2004 Last LUD : 08/19/2006 This forum is very helpful in providing great information at...
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    LUD 08/19/2006 Guys

    Not Yet Both Mine and my wife's 485 LUD is still 08/19/2006 According to CSR on 06/08/07 : Every thing looks good and I should get the approval within 30 days. Waiting Waiting Waiting..... --GCLover007
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    Anyone with PD2002 and 485RD4/2004 still waiting

    Count Me Count Me, NSC PD : 07-05-2002 RD : 12-21-2004 Service Request : Application is assigned to IO. Waiting is painful when you are at the end. -- GCLover007
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    2002 PDs & I-485 still pending. Please post here

    Count Me Count me in.. PD : 05 July 2002 RD : 21 Dec 2004 NC : Cleared according to my Senetor. Case Status : Case assigned to Immigration Officer (Based on Service Request). Hope to get some good news soon. -- GCLover007
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    TRACKER: Waiting for PD to become current

    Here you go User Name : GCLover007 Filing Category : EB3 Country of Birth : India Service Center where your I-140/I-485 was filed : NSC Labor Filing Date (Priority Date) : 07/05/2002 I-140 Filing Date : 12/21/2004 I-140 Approval Date : 06/13/2005 I-485 Filing Date : 12/21/2004 1st...
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    Immigration Reform Legislation

    New Information Hi, Below is the information from my state Senetor. ======================================================= Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX: Thank you for contacting me regarding the immigration reform legislation that was passed in the Senate. This is an extremely...
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    Immigration Reform Legislation

    Hi Guys, Recently every one talked about CIR, STRIVE and lots of other bills. Is there any updates? Did Senate pass any bill so far. Can we expect any good news in near future? Any updates?
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    From the Horses Mouth: No Movement in EB-2, EB-3 India for FY 2007

    Really True? I thought the Cut off dates will be determined based on monthly demand and the rate of labor approvals. If the above is true then how can DOL person can say like this. By the way there are lots of labor approvals which was filed around Aug 2004. Six of my friends applied...
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    Case status changed..

    Any one? Any one got like below message? Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS Current Status: Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed. On June 20, 2005, we received your response to our request for...
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    Outlook for FY2007

    Happy Seems like every body (including Indians) is happy in sending Indians back to India. Not sure what would they get if all Indians go back? Are we talking about any one other than India asking or suggesting to go back to their own country? Why always we are in trouble and get...
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    Generating Socio-Political Awarenes through paid Media Advertisements

    Below is my idea that I expressed few days back on the other thread.
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    Generating Socio-Political Awarenes through paid Media Advertisements

    Conclusion? So Guys, What is the conclusion? Including me there are about 8 guys affected by this stupid retro, we are waiting for some lead to show our unity. Money is a not problem, every hour my fraud employer and the middleman taking $50, that I can happily give more to...
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    options for EB3 India

    Or a relaxed Walk? I don’t think we get the answer we needed for any questions asked to DOL/DOS/USCIS. My best bet would be to gather every one in front of Capitol or Whitehouse and have a walk...Or Gather in time square and have a walk in Broadway to get media attention. We...
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    AP and EAD time line

    AP Approved in < 40 days I applied my AP on Aug 25th and got approval on Oct 4th. Mine is paper application to NSC, because my I485 is pending in NSC. -GCLover007
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    EB3 India Count?

    Is it possible to know how many pending EB3 India cases with PD older than Apr 30 2001? Just curious to see how fast will the PD will move in this FY. Thanks GCLover007
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    Can I file my Advance Parole without Attorney?

    Fp You get biometric FP automatically if you e-file for EAD. There is no biometric FP needed for Advance Parole (by my experience). HTH -GCLover007