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    Set of Documents

    Hi, am applying for OCI, they require 2 set of all documents. What does this translates to : 1 original with all required documents + 1 copy of complete set or 1 original with all required documents + 2 copies of complete set Request clarification. Thxs at123
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    Applying for siblings GC

    Hi, I have just acquired USC and want to apply for my sibling living in India. I went through USCIS website and it seems I have to apply for I 130, i 864 and i 485. should I apply for all the three at the same time or is i 485 filed at later dates. any particular thread which lists...
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    Travisa fees OCI + SC together for Adult and Minor Issues in Order form

    Hi, I am applying for OCI and SC for both my spouse and minor child (16 yrs). while keying in data in Order form. I start the Order form application stating am applying for OCI adult and then subsequently after finishing all data for Adult, i select family option and key in minor child data...
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    Minor Child Renunciation of Indian Pasport

    I was filling up the Travisa Order form for applying OCI for both my spouse and Minor Child (16 yrs). I have following query: 1. Renunciation form : Do I need to fill in separate Renunciation form for both Spouse and Child. (Both Spouse and Child have separate Indian passport). Their is...
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    Minor Child OCI : Donot have Naturalization Certificate for Child

    Hi, Am applying for OCI for Minor Child and I havenot applied for Child's naturalization. Therefore while applying for Child OCI, 1. I am hoping that Child both parents Naturalization Certificate will suffice. Please do provide insights 2. Any additional documents other that NC of...
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    Application for Self and Minor Child Queries

    I am applying for Self and my Minor Child OCI. I have following queries: 1. Part B : Q 24 : Me and my minor child are applying together, whose name should be filled in the blank, a. is it me and my child or b. me and my spouse (My Spouse already has a OCI). 2. Part B, Q 24 , the...
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    Childs US Passport : A query

    Today I applied for my Child's US passport at Post Office. The person at the PO asked for the following along with the application: 1. Child's Green card 2. Original Naturalization Certificate for both Parents 3. Original Birth Certificate of Child If the above right : 1. When I do...
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    OCI Card : Can I collect it directly from Consulate

    Hi, I have received all documentation for my OCI application in NY consulate. 1. Can I go and collect the same by physically taking the US passport with me. 2. Will my US passport be stamped with U visa on the same day and delivered the same day. 3. Typically what time should i reach...
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    Q 16 in Part B OCI Form

    refer question 16 in Part B, "does the country (USA) permit dual citizenship in some form or the other . Is the answer Yes or NO. Request feedback. Thxs at123
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    Interview Time different for Spouse and Self same date

    Both my Spouse and Self are scheduled for Interview on same date but different time. One is at 10a and the other at 1p. Is their any way, we can request Local office at Newark to move both of us at the same time. Request feedback, Thxs AT123
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    Should only one of the two spouse apply for naturalization

    We are Indian citizens and are applying for naturalization. Someone was advising us that it is better for one of the spouse to retain Indian citizenship and the other to apply for Us Citizenship. any suggestions. Regards AT
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    Non receipt of i - 797c for Oneof two applications

    HI, Both my spouse and me applied for N 400 on Jun 10th. we got a email / txt confirmation for both application on Jun 18th , checks have been cashed on Jun 18th . However, I 797c for only my spouse has been received by us and not mine till today. My Spouse 797 was received on Jun 23rd...
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    No confirmation of receipt for N 400

    I have applied for N 400 , send the entire docket through regular 3 days mail to TX address on Jun 10th, I had also applied for email and mobile notification. I have however till date received no email. However, bank notified that the check has been encashed on Jun 18th. I have neither received...
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    Travel abroad during N 400 filing

    Can a person travel out of country after filing for N 400?. will it impact the filing process in any way. assuming that the person is able to come back in US during the FP and for interview etc. request feedback. Thxs AT
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    Parent GC

    Please do let me know the followng : Situation : the Parents are residing in country of origin (India in this case). They have not come to US at any point in time or neither do they have any visa for US as of now. Need inputs on: 1. Whether I can complete the entire process of my...
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    Minor Child naturalization

    I have a 15 years old child, who has lived me throughout. The details are as follows: 1. Got GC for self and child : Aug 30th, 2005 2. Am applying for US Citizenship (Naturalization) later this month for self and family (Spouse and Child) Need to know: 1. For 15 years child who has...
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    Indian Priveliges lost due to acqusition of US Citizenship

    Hi, After a person acquires US Citizenship, what are the privileges that one with OCI looses in India, one of them that I am aware of are: 1. Voting right in India. 2. Cannot get employment in Indian Govt and Defense. Are there any other impact such as: 1. While US Citizen with...
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    Continious Stay

    Hi, I hv gotten my GC in Aug 05. I maybe going out of the country for period more than a year starting Mar 07 and assuming, I come back around Mar 09. Given the abv, hv two queries: 1. If I come back into US every 4/5 months and stay for day or two and go back to other country. Would...
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    PP Stamping :Need Guidance

    Request to point me to the thread , which provides all guidance for Passport Stamping. In terms of; 1. What all documents should I carry along with me? Thanks.
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    EB1 Multinational Manager I-140 approvals in VSC

    Does anyone have any ideas/pointers towards the reasons for delay in approvals of I-140 for Multinational Managers category in VSC.