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    Adoption in India

    How difficult is it for a naturalized US citizen to adopt orphan in India? Can you provide any list of prerequisites. Can a divorced single women adopt a child in India? Thx.
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    NRI status after US citizenship

    I am a naturalized citizen. I have US passport and have not applied for POI - people of India Card. My question is if I don't apply for POI card and stay on US passport ONLY, will I be still be considered by law as a NRI? Am i legally still Indian i.e. bounded by Indian laws in US or...
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    Extreme family issue

    Greetings, I applied for citizenship and waiting for interview. My mother is very sick and in coma for past 2 years, she came on visitors visa and had a sudden severe brain stroke. She is out of status and we are going thru extreme hardship to take care of her because there no insurance and...