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    N400 with immigration court case pending?

    Even if he takes position of pending appeal & file N-400. Should he chooses to go in this route, N-400 will not be adjudicated favorably until appeal process is success.
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    Citizenship application denied for applying “too early”?

    Form N-400 part 1 B clearly asks whether you have been LPR for past 3 years, married to US citizen for those past 3 years & spouse has been US citizen for those past 3 years. 2 years 9 months is early filing requirement for you BUT you still need to fulfill requirement of spouse being US...
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    H1b Transfer while outside of USA

    There should be a H-1B bona fide job available for your friend, then employer could petition for consular processing.
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    Porting old priority date

    Its only the employer who could know. Technically I-140 belongs to employer so USCIS might have notified employer about some issue due to which priority date is withdrawn.
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    Porting old priority date

    Misrepresentation from either employee or employer. Priority date belongs to beneficiary i.e. you.
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    Porting old priority date

    USCIS ports priority date automatically when subsequent I-140's are filed. If your employer or attorney brings to USCIS they will issue corrected oldest priority date. Only in circumstances where fraud or misrepresentation is present USCIS does not ports priority date.
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    Does B.Sc Computer Science graduate get I140?

    You can apply ONLY in EB3 I-140
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    485 rejection notice, but still within 180 days of I-94 expiry, can file again?

    F2A is current you can have your wife concurrently file I-130 & I-485 for you.
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    485 rejection notice, but still within 180 days of I-94 expiry, can file again?

    @newbie1234 I believe you filed derivative employment based I-485 & missed out mentioning details on 3.a on page 3 & 9.a on page 4 of I-485. If that is the case your only luck is to wait until future months visa bulletin make your priority date to re-file I-485. I don't know if nunc pro tunc...
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    Need advise for citizenship

    Your period of stay outside US is 271 days (March 23rd to Dec 19th). Continuous residence is not interrupted if period of stay outside US is 180 days or less.
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    Re-entry Permit Questions

    I believe you should be OK to stay outside of US until re-entry permit expiration even if it ends up more than 2 years provided you should be done with biometric & depart US I am quoting Vietnam US embassy "If you have been issued a Re-Entry Permit, which applicants must apply for while in the...
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    Interfile question

    If you move to new employer after 180 days of I-485 pending you are covered under AC21 portability provision meaning you don't need to do PERM & I-140 again. You can file I-485 supplement J whenever you are called for employment based interview
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    Pending I-485. What would be the benefits of also applying for H1B Visa in parallel?

    Big question if you are not retrogressed country like India or China your I-485 interview will be scheduled very soon and probably should be adjudicated soon. In that case it would be redundant to apply H-1B. Keep in mind you can file for H1B while pending I-485. In case you choose to spend more...
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    Changing jobs after filing for I-485

    Date of I-485 receipt counts
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    L1 to H1 change of Status, Impact on current employment L1

    Technically if it is change of status and new status is approved/changed then YES old L1A status is no more valid
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    Changing jobs after filing for I-485

    6 months after I-485 receipt
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    L1 to H1 change of Status, Impact on current employment L1

    In that case opt for consular processing. New employer when they file H1B have them check under I-129 Q.4 a Notify the office. By following this approach you can have H1B approved & attend consular interview get H1B stamp & re-enter USA based on new employer's H-1B
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    Marriage I-485 Pending

    Effective 01/01/2021 USCIS/DOS is no more allowing to file I-485's based on date of filing. It has to be based on Final Action Date. I believe this might help you in your understanding to file I-485 for your spouse should the need be. This is in regards with employment based I-485 filing.
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    Can GC holder wife file I-130/485 for husband who is in US last 11 months on B1, with expired I-94, awaiting I-539 extension decision

    OK. So if I-539 was timely filed, he or she will be under period of authorized stay until it is adjudicated from US attorney general . I believe you are OK to file I-485 without having the need of invoking 245K