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    I-751 Remove Conditions and Apply for I-131 Travel Document

    Dear all, I need your valuable advice for my wife's below case. If you can share your opion and help us to clearify the situation, I appreciate it. My wife has a conditional GC through our marriage. We have been living abroad year and a half because of my job. She has been staying...
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    I-751 Dilemma and Possible Options ?

    Folks, I need your valuable advices for our below case for my GC holder wife's case. My wife got her GC through our marriage on August 2009. This July her conditional gc will expire. At the moment, we live abroad due to my job. I am a US citizenship and this is how my wife obtained her GC...
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    Urgent Questions After Citizenship

    Hi Folks, I have some important questions and if you can give some advice in here , I really appreciate it. I will try to summarize everything as simple as possible. I am a US Citizen and my wife got her GC through our marriage. We moved to my native country last year and I got a new job in...
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    Green Card Holder Wife Lives Abroad ?

    Hi folks, I have several questions regarding my wife's situation so if you can give me your opinion I really appreciate your help. My wife obtained her GC through our marriage, I am an US citizen. She still has the conditional GC which will expire this coming Aug 2012. Currently, we are...
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    How US Citizens calculate world income when they live abroad ?

    I just wonder how to calculate taxes when you work for a company that does not pay US Dollar abroad ? I am not very sure about the process could you please kindly clearify and explain what steps need to be done ? I assume first I will fill out IRS forms and put my local income but how I...
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    Urgent Help Pls, I-131 seems lost through mail and no help from USCIS ?

    Hi, We applied for a I-131 travel document for a permanent resident back in November 8, 2010. My wife completed her biometrics on December 21,2010. When we applied , we asked the travel document to be sent to the US Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. After my finished her biometrics, we...
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    I-131 Travel Document , How to reach a live customer service rep on the phone ?

    Hi, We applied for the permanent resident travel document I-131 back in November. Initially when we sent our application, we asked the results to be sent the US Consulate in Istanbul , Turkey. My wife finished her biometrics in December. Finally , we tracked our case on USCIS website and it...
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    What is the problem in Nebraska Service Center , I-131 is still pending since November ??

    Hi, We applied for I-131 Re-entry travel document back in November 8,2010. My wife completed her fingerprints in December 21,2010. Since then , we are waiting for Nebraska Service Center to make a decision for our case. When we applied for her GC , it even took less time than I-131? I...
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    I-131 No fingerprint Appointment Yet ?

    Hi, I asked several other questions regarding I-131 travel document process and some of you guys gave really good advice, thanks to all.. We sent our I-131 form to Dallas ,TX lock box. I already received the receipt for the payment, our documents started to process on November 9th, Since...
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    I-131 timeline ?

    Hi, We filled out I-131 for my wife on November 8th, our check had been cashed and I received the receipt for the payment. We are planning to move overseas hopefully at the end of January? After receipt notice, when we can expect an appointment date for biometrics ? I am checking the...
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    Long Travel while having conditional GC ?

    Hi everyone, I recently asked couple questions regarding travel document I-131 for my wife. We are planning to move to my home country for my job purposes. I am a US citizen and my wife has a conditional 2 year GC through our marriage. She got her GC in August 2010. We prepared the I-131...
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    Re-entry Permit which documents?

    Hi folks, My wife received her GC through marriage around 4 months ago. We are planning to go to overseas for a while , I just wonder besides I-131 form do we have to send any other documents? By the way I am US citizen and my wife is GC holder, thanks.
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    GC package for wife

    Hi , I have 2 quick questions if you guys do not mind to answer According to our attorney, we should prepare the following forms and documents 1) I-130 2) I-485 3) G-325A for both of us 4) I-765 5) I-693 6) I-864 7) W2 and tax return for 2008 8) Letter from my current employer 9) Copy of...
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    Moving out of Country , can we apply overseas ?

    Hi folks , I have a very urgent question that I need your advice. I am a US citizen. I got married to my wife 4 months ago. She was here with the J-1 visa and her visa is expired already 4 months ago. She is basically out of status right now. We were planning to apply for her Green Card in...
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    Possible divorce , what can happen ?

    Hi I just have couple questions regarding divorce process. Us Citizen married to a out of status ( j-1 ) wife around 4 months ago. We have a legit , genuine marriage however we sometimes have serious opinion differences. I have not filed anything yet to get permanent card or working permit...
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    Rejection Notice because of Wrong Check Amount

    Hi , We sent our documents 2 weeks ago and I was waiting USCIS to cash our check. However, yesterday they sent us our documents back and they said that the amount of our check is wrong . My wife was here with J1 visa ( au -pair and no 2 year requirement) and I am a US citizen. We...
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    Emergency I-485 Question , sending forms today :)

    Hi I have a really quick question. For the I-485 on the second page , there is a question " were you inspected by a US immigration officer " ? It is a Yes or No question. My wife came with J-1 visa as an au-pair so what we should pick , thanks a lot.
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    Our GC Application Package ?

    Hi I got married to my wife 2 months ago. I am a US citizen and my wife had a J-1 visa. We talked to our attorney and attorney told us to fill forms . I would like to also check with you guys just to make sure , we are sending all the necessary documents and forms. According to our...
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    Do we really change or add my wife's last name ?

    Hi I have a question for you guys. My wife and I got married 2 months ago. Now , we are filling out our forms for immigration. We are also thinking about to add my last to her last name . So , she can have her maiden last name and my last name. My question is can we also add her last...
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    Getting Married in 2 days , please help

    Hi As you can read the title , I am getting married to my gf in 2 days. I am a USC and my gf is staying here with J1 visa. She has been here for 2 years and she is in her grace period right now. We talked to an immigration attorney and the attornery told us that If I marry her , she...