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    site visit

    Has anyone in texas had a site visit from the state health department? I got a message today from the conrad 30 contact guy that they are planning a site visit. Anyone with prior expirience please let me know what to expect. Thanx
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    Offtopic, DC Rally

    Does some one have links to the DC rally events speech transcripts? Or media coverage? Could you please post them.
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    Hadron/Other Gurus please comment

    My wife is getting ready to file I485 on basis of approved NIW I 140. Can I file I485 as her dependent, even before my 3 years of waiver are done?
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    Recent NIW approval?

    Anyone with recent NIW approval? My application is pedning at Nebraska since May 2006, LUD aug 2006, since then nothing.:mad:
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    Senates compromise bill.

    Has anyone been able to get the full text of the bill?
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    Vote: UN leaving this forum was good or bad? :)

    One vote per person, lets try to keep it fair and see what the majority thinks. UN undoubtedly provided some good advise, but personally, I would hate to deal with someone with his ego. On this forum, I dint have to personally interact with him, and was still able to gain some useful...
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    One of my fellow immigrant IMG just got served with "demand for compensation" from a patients lawyer. I feel sorry for the poor guy, stuck in retrogression and now this. Any suggestions about how to protect your assets from these bloodsucker lawyers, besides getting good malpractice insurance? I...
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    J2-h1 Niw

    My wife changed from J2 to H4 once i got my waiver. Now shes on H1b working in underserved area with NIW pending. Does her NIW clock start ticking after I 140 is approved or from the date she joined work?
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    I-140 approved.

    Perm approval: May 22, 2006. I-140 (EB2, advanced degree) received by uscis on July 10,2006. I-140 acknoledgement mailed by USCIS on July 13,2006. I-140 approved on July 24th 2006!!!!!. I am impressed with their efficiency. Surprising thing is the processing date for I-140 (advanced...
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    Hypothetical question: My wife who was on J2 became H4 when i got my waiver. Now she is on H1, pursueing her independent NIW. Suppose the state determines that I am not in compliance with their waiver regulations and decide to cancel the waiver. Would she fall out of status too?
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    I140 premium procesing

    Good News. I 140s are eligible for premium processing now. Unfortunately doesnt apply to NIWs. Check this link for details
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    NIW with multi year contract

    Hi, My wife has got an academic clinical position in an underserved university hospital (J2-H4-H1, never on J1). We want to apply for GC based on NIW for physicians. Problem is the university will not issue a 5 year employment contract. They have given her a multi-year contract, which is...
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    Going over this forums post for the last 1-2 years has almost become a ritual. Just wanted to let our "subatomic particle with strong nuclear force" know that his contributions have really helped a whole lot of people. Thanks Hadron and keep up the good work. We all appreciate you a lot.
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    Prevailing wage

    My lawyer received the prevailing wage for me today from the state. It is SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER (by around 50K) to what i see in the online wage library for level 3 wage for my occupation. Has any one else had their wage determined recently? Are they using level 1, 2 3 or 4 for us? Thanx
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    Should i worry?

    I started my J1 waiver on July 1st this year in TX. My employer has 3 offices, one of which is in an underserved area where I work 40 hrs a week. Today I got a call from the Texas dept of state health services, who had recommende my waiver. The guy told me it was a routine follow up call. He...
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    Has anyone worked with attorney Kristi Crawford for green card? One of my friends is recommending her highly. I was thinking of going with usual, high profile lawyers, either, Rajeev, Siskind or shusterman
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    90 day rule and updated letter for NIW

    I contacted the texas dept of health services to provide me with an updated letter stating that my services would be in public interest. The sent back a questionnaire asking, among other things, Date J1 was approved and date you started work at the facility. Like many other people in...
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    Change in contract while doing waiver

    Hi all, I had been putting all my hopes on getting GC via perm. However, I am from a retrogression country and dont want to put all my eggs in 1 basket. I want to file for NIW as well. Basic info: Started J1 waiver on July 1st 2005 (conrad 30) , sponsored as hem onc. Complications in my...
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    questions, questions

    I started my waiver Job on July 1st this year. My employer has agreed to help me with Green card process. I have a few questions, hope some one can help 1. My pay is currently less than the prevailing wage". However, the way my contract is worded, the average pay i get over the next 3 years...
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    GI and FP wanted

    My employer is looking for a gastroenterologist and a family physician/internist to add to his group. He is willing to sponsor J1. Spanish is a requirement for the FP/Internist. The practice is situated in a mid sized TX city.He has asked me to circulate the word. You can email me at...