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    Update DMV records with GC

    I went to (California) DMV after getting my GC. Interestingly, they have record of your immigration status. They updated mine to reflect the fact that I've become a permanent resident when I showed them my G-card. ~T
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    Lawsuit / Litigation against USCIS I seriously considered federal court and did some groundwork. Here are some things I found out, that I didn't see elsewhere. Remember, this is all my groundwork and I'm not an attorney, and no one has validated below, so they may NOT be correct. - Only...
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    140 delay for applications without original LC

    Hi Guys, I found out recently that my company filed my substitution case without original LC and USCIS is refusing to issue EAD/AP (even after 1 year) and won't do so until they "find the original file" Does anybody know how long they take to "find the original file" and adjudicate cases...
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    Please help - 140/EAD/AP on hold

    Please help - EAD/AP "on hold" for almost an year now Hi Folks, Thanks for reading this. I work for a fairly large employer. I filed a concurrent 140/485/EAD/AP application using substitute labor in Dec 03. I did not receive my EAD/AP. Between me and my attorney, we have sent half a...
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    New Simple/Robust Case Status Scanner

    ---> New Simple/Robust Case Status Scanner <--- I wrote a scanner with these objectives: Simple and reliable Should be able to initially scan a range and build a database Once a database of interesting cases is found, refresh cases Easy to configure and use Merge somebody else's database...
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    H1B stamping while 485 pending

    Hi, My wife entered US on H4 visa. We then applied for 140/485. My wife found a job and wants to change to H1. AP pending and won't arrive in time for travel. Can she apply for a H1 stamp safely in home country? Will it be considered abandoning 485 application? Has anybody here done...
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    140 Approvals in June/July?

    It appears that there's a good flow of 485 approvals from CSC. I was wondering if anybody is receiving 140 approvals at all of late? Thanks in advance for posting any info about CSC 140 approvals! ~T
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    RSS feed

    Please consider generating RSS feed for and updates. Thanks! ~T
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    How to change from EAD to H4?

    Hi, I was wondering how one goes about changing from EAD back to H4, assuming primary has been maintaining valid H1 status all throughout and dependant has a valid H4 visa stamp? Is it sufficient to just re-enter the country with the H4 visa, or does one have to apply for a fresh H4 visa...