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    Second I-140, its advantages in the current situtation

    I am starting this new thread as I was unable to get good information on this issue. I see one of the thread that ginnu has brought it up and explained this real well of applying second I-140. I would like to seek more knowledge and experience in this regard. I am in the same boat as most of...
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    IELTS for Canadian PR..How important is that?

    Guys, I have just started my canadian processing, submitted FBI finger printing this week. I am collecting relevant forms and documents for submission. Could anyone of you throw some light on the importance of IELTS exam and its results. I have been in US and working for the past 6 years...
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    Labor Approvals for 2004

    Guys, I am not trying to start a new tracking thread here on approvals for 04. I just needed to know if anyone had gotten any LC approval from Dallas BEC with PD 2004. My PD is 02/04 and I haven't heard back from the BEC. Please let me know, I am just trying to track down the current...
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    BEC Tracker Help

    Hi guys, I have been a silent spectator to this great site with real good knowledgeable folks giving execellent advices. I am in same dilemma as other, I have applied for LC in Feb 02 and got state cleared and was forwarded to federal. My attorney received a 45 day letter in June05 stating...