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    Please help with relative adoption!!

    We are desperate for help with our adoption situation with our nephew. He is turning 16 in November. My husband is a green card holder and I am a US citizen. I fear that our lawyer has misadvised us. The parents are still living and from what I am re ading on the Internet, the government...
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    Citizenship make any difference for parents visitor visa?

    My inlaws in India were rejected for a second time in Chennai for applying for a visitor visa and are not interested in trying again. My husband is still in process of getting his green card because he has been stuck in name check for over 2 years. The question is, will it make any difference...
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    Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer???

    Is there anyone in Las Vegas who can recommend a Las Vegas Lawyer?
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    Bringing parents over when status is limbo

    Hello: I need help getting an answer on this ASAP. My husband has been in limbo land with the name check thing for about a year. Since he can't go home to India, he want to bring his parents here. We recently looked in to the list of requirements for his parents applying at the US consulate...
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    Name check

    My husband is from India and we completed our interview for the green card in March and are still waiting for the process to be completed. We heard that they are waiting on a "name check." At the time, they said it shouldn't take any longer than a month and it has been almost 3 months now...