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  1. nelsona

    Curiousgeorge TN->GC link

    Due to various upgrades in the system, the link that curiousgeorge provides at the bottom of his posts doesn't point to his authoritative TN->GC post. Here is a fresh link
  2. nelsona

    Split TN board into Mexican and Canadian boards

    The issues facing Mexican TN beneficiaries are quite different than for Canadians. Rather than have to specify/enquire what nationality the poster is, would it be possible to just have a TN-1 (Canada) board, and a TN-2 (Mexico) board.
  3. nelsona

    How new USCIS regs affect TN

    Under new regs which come into effect Jan. 17, 2017, there are some changes that "help" TNers: Two I noticed are 1. that TN now have 60 days to change status when losing their job. This avoids having to quickly file an...
  4. nelsona

    CBP "checklist" for Canadian TN applicants released to public While this ostensibly is a form given by CBP to failed TN applicants, noting the evidence that was insufficient, this checklist may prove useful in compiling one's evidence before going to the POE. Personal comments: TN...
  5. nelsona

    Status of I-140 and Priority date after an I-485 has been denied

    When an I-485 is denied for whatever reason not related to I-140, can the beneficiary still claim that the underlying I-140 is still valid, thus allowing one to keep their priority date and refile I-485.
  6. nelsona

    Info of Stimulus Rebate

    For TNers (and others) who did NOT get the Stimulus payment this past summer, this has been morphed into the Recovery Rebate Credit (line 70 of the 2008 Form 1040). Unfortunately, the same rules on requiring an SSN are still in place, so if you did not qualify because you filed jointly and...
  7. nelsona

    Still lots of ignorance about TN to GC I consider shusterman to be a pretty reputable firm, and yet look at the garbage they spout in connection with the possibility of TN getting GC: and deplorable lack of knowledge... How many Cdns are getting shut-out of the GC based on such idiotic...
  8. nelsona

    Just got Gc

    Got the magic e-mails!
  9. nelsona

    Warning for those wanting to file I-485 in July

    As you may be reading, there may be much controversy over I-485s filed in July, if USCIS decides to cut-off accepatnce earlier than July 31. This could put TNers in a dire predicament, if they file in July, with the understanding that they will get EAD by October. The unexpected cut-off...
  10. nelsona

    STRIVE Act impact on TN

    Burried in the strive act is the following nugget for TN: Form the AILA analysis: "Sec. 506. Powerline workers and boilermakers. This section permits nonimmigrant admission of Canadian maintenance or boilermaker repair and maintenance." Talk...