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    How soon can I bring my fiancee here?

    I got my GC on 1/28/2009 through employment. Earliest I can applied for naturalization is 90 days before 1/28/2014. When is the earliest that I can file a I-129 for my fiancee? When I've taken the Oath? How much longer will I be able to bring her here? Am I correct here : [ 3.5 years...
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    Can't bring my fiancées here for another 3.5 years!? WHAT?

    Got my GC in Jan 2009 thru employment and recently realized that I can't just marry someone and bring her there right away. Based on what I read online, the best option for me is to wait until I become a US citizen by Jan 2014.....get her a K1 visa, marry here and get her a greencard. Am I...
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    Continuous Residence : trips less than 6 months.

    According to The Guide to Naturalization by USCIS , the 5-year continuous residence is defined as : "5 years as a Permanent Resident without leaving the US for trips of 6 months or longer" the guide also states that : "Continuous Residence may be broken if you take a single trip out of...