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    Are we allowed to work on our laptops while waiting for the interview and oath? I know cellphones should be turned off. How about laptops or netbooks ? thanks
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    Tax Transcripts

    Where do we get Tax Transcripts? I do paper filing and I keep a copy of the forms that I send to IRS/State with me. Please advise thanks
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    Unemployment Insurance eligibility

    I got my greencard a while back. I had provided 2 weeks resignation notice to my consulting company. When they gave this notice to the client, the client let me go immediately. I have a job lined up from next monday. 1. Am I eligible for Unemployment benefits from the govt for this 2...
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    My 485 was approved a few months back. I recently moved to another apartment in the same state. do you have to file AR-11 when you move, even after you get GC? Thank you
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    Leaving job after GC

    How long after 485 approval can you leave the sponsoring company? I want to make sure there are no questions asked during citizenship time
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    Validity of Medicals

    What is the latest take on the validity of medicals submitted along with 485 application Is it also valid only for 15 months (like FP)? If it get expired, what happens to our 485 cases? Thanks
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    Transfers to Local center

    When does 485 transfers to Local Centers happen? Is it before FP or after FP? If FP is done, does it mean that case decision happens only in Vermont? Thanks
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    Relationship between EAD2 and 485

    Is there any link between EAD 2/AP 2 Renewal application and triggering of 485 Process? Maybe, some one might have a Correlation Coefficient between the two. Thanks
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    FBI clearance after FP

    I had done my FP a while back. How do I do check whether I have got name check and FBI clearance? Is there some web site or number I need to contact for that. Thanks
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    FP at NEwark??

    Hi I have moved from PA to NJ 6 months back. VSC sent the FP notice for me to get stamped at PHilly But I also have the change of address confirmation(to NJ) from VSC So, Can I do my FP at Newark FP center?? Thanks
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    EAD Renewal

    My employer's lawyer had filed 485/EAD back in OCt 2003. Can I do EAD renewal by myself or should I do it through my employer's Lawyer only? What are the positives and negatives of Efile versus paper based filing? which is faster and reliable? Thank you
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    485 Question

    I had applied for 485/140/EAD/AP back in Aug 2003. My 140 is approved and I have EAD/AP approved. My FP 1 is not done yet. I have a problmes(as my project is coming to an end in October). I am thinking of taking a 3-4 month vacation to India and come back in January. Will I be out of...
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    EAD for more than 1 year

    I see that INS has approved EAD extension rule on July 30 2004. How much do you think the reduction of work on EAD renewals is going to improve 485 time? Any thoughts based on experiences
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    Early FP faq needed

    Pls tell me something about this "Early FP" thing I am seeing in the forums Is there "Early FP" in Newark, NJ center Thanks
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    Change of Address and 485 LUD

    when u do change of address(using AR-11 and calling VSC 800No), does LUD of 485 app change?
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    FP and Status change on USCIS website

    When they send FP notice, does the status of 485 application change saying " they sent FP notice etc etc"
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    EAD and AP Renewal

    I had my 1st EAD/AP approved in Feb 2004. I had applied 485/140/EAD/AP back in Oct 2003. When is the right time to apply for EAD/AP Renewal? Thanks
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    Applying for EAD/AP renewal

    I had my 1st EAD/AP approved in Feb 2004. I had applied 485/140/EAD/AP back in Oct 2003. When is the right time to apply for EAD/AP Renewal? Thanks
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    EAD and 2nd Job

    Hi, MY 140 is cleared and EAD approved. I had applied 485 back in 2003. I am still working for my H1 and GC sponsoring employer and I have no plans of leaving him Another friend wants me to work for his company on 1099 as a SECOND job. Am I eligible to do it? What are the consequences...
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    Transfer FAQ

    Can some one give info about what 485 Transfer mean? Are there any links/websites that you can point to about 485 transfer Tahnks you