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    Td visa update

    Hi All, I am on my third TN Visa right now(Expires Nov-09) since last Nov.Here's my wife's situation, She's PR-CANADA having Indian PP and I filed I-539 for her when I got on my second TN @ Mexico border in last June,after 2 months of apply ,I have got I-797 for her TD-NI VISA(which is...
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    Passports for paperwork

    Hi everyone, I am going to send my first TN renewal in mail,should I have to sent my original copy of FIS evaluation and me and my spouse's original Passports alongwith other forms also how can I send application fees (I mean two diffrent checks for me and my wife???)how long is the premium...
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    Change in Employer during Valid VISA period

    I am on TN Status,Should I inform INS for Change in Employer during Valid VISA period ???:)What if I am late in doing it ? Also, howlong before end of Validity period should I go for my visa renewal?