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    Please help mail a natural med in India to hyderabad?

    Hello friends, I am badly in need of help. I need to send medicine(made from herbs) to hyderabad. The medicine bottles I shipped through USPS have not been released by customs for unknown reasons. Here is product information:
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    Port to self employment

    Is there any lower limit on the income we have to have to port to self employment as per AC-21 portability? Thanks for reply in advance.
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    AC21-H1B revoke

    I am sharing a small relief of "no more slavory" as I passed the 180 days period race to change the employer with thousands of comrades filed on july 2nd.As I read in this forum if the employer do not cancel the I-140, CIS will never know that we changed the employer using AC21 portability...
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    Infopass- expect the unexpected

    Today I went to USCIS local office using info pass. To my surprise we know more than the officer. Here is the excerpt of the interview: Q: Can I travel abroad even without filing for an AP ? IO: Do you have Social security card ? (I didn’t understand the relationship between AP and SS...
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    What does processing date mean ?

    Hi, It's confused me what does the processing date mean ? If you check processing dates at TSC Now the processing dates for I-485(EB) IS 'DEC 19 2006' Does that mean that they processed all the files they received before...
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    EAD for how long ?

    Hi folks, I applied I-485 and I-765. The initial EAD they issue would be valid for how many years? Thanks for information in advance.
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    Any receipts for july filers

    Did anyone get receipt notice for filed I-485 in July ?
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    Unused previous years Green cards

    Hi friends, Is there any news whether Green cards that have gone unused in previous years could be used this year ? If so, our processing would be faster.
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    Options of employer

    Friends, I am also the July 2nd victim.USCIS received my petition on July 2nd. My employer A (partially a part of state govt.) want to support me in all the ways.My I-140 was approved on 13 march,2006. Now I want to work for the employer B (which is again state govt.) I know that employer A...
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    July 2nd OK ??

    Folks, Did you read the letter from visa control center ? Looks like cases filed on July 2nd is OK ?(Offcourse we hope the same to everyone) Read :
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    July 2nd..mails are sent to Rice and Chertoff

    Folks, I think this miserable issue is taking heat. Mails are sent to Mrs.Rice and Mr.Chertoff. Please visit : Let's hope the best. Please try to have patience.We are experience good and bad in ths country.