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    Need some clarification on GC for Parent

    Hello All, I'm planning to apply for a CG for my mom who lives overseas. I just want to get some clarification on the process and timeline - Apply I-130 for my mom (can i do that even though she lives overseas?) - How long does it take to get approved? (Boston) - Once it's approved, do I...
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    Visa bulletin current in September 2013

    Just a quick reminder to keep the posts civil please.
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    Help on getting answers for my sister gc and visitor visa

    BigJoe, There is a diference between giving advice and scolding someone. As much as it is frustrating to see duplicates, the best you can do is suggesting that OP does use the search function or better you could help him out if you feel like it. Remember to keep the duscussions friendly and...
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    I do hope that we won't have to resort to that today. It's up to you to be respectful.
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    Speakamericano, I was referring to these posts of yours. If you do not agree with a post that's ok but being rude will not be tolerated. In a message to the OP you called him an idiot. I do hope that you won't do this again. Thanks
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    Speakamericano: Please be respectful towards others. I do not see anything wrong with the OP's post since he mentioned he was excited about his upcomiong eligibility for Naturalization and not every post needs to be a question. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Green card for my brother?

    @nkm-oct23: I might have mispoke in my previous posts. I am a USC
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    Green card for my brother?

    How long can the process take from application to a GC? WOuld it take longer depending on the person's age? If I sponsor a 30 year old sister or an 8 year old niece?
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    Green card for my brother?

    So only a US citizen can petition for his/her siblings? Can the siblings be of any age? Also what about sponsoring my niece (sister's daughter) for a GC. She is 8.
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    New naturalization test sample sentences - let's collect!

    When I did my nat interview the officer asked me if i knew how to speak english. Mind you I have lived in England for a while prior to coming to the USA. His english was broken himself since you could tell he was not a native english speaker. I was being funny and I said to him 'I reckon so'...
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    My wife is in trouble.. HELP

    Guys keep it civil. No name calling please.
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    a friend of mine got approved his citizenship(did go to COP)

    This was a personal attack. A civil debate is ok but any form of attack is not good. As I always say , if you do not have anything good or of added value to contribute, read the thread and leave it alone.
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    Credit Application & SSN

    The credit system is generally a catch 22. You don't have a history so you don't get a credit card or loan but in order to build a history you need some form of revolving credit to start. But then if you try too many times, the inquiries counts as negative if they are hard pulls which in terms...
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    Denied entry - need advice urgently

    Daforty, at the top of the page it states: NOTE: Please do not post any negative comments or remarks about any person or organization. People are here to ask advice. In your case you were implying as you said that the OP is a drama queen. This in itself is considered a 'negative...
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    Denied entry - need advice urgently

    Please refrain from this type of posting. Poster was here for advice not criticism nor to be judged.
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    How to get a driving licence in Massachusetts

    I understand it's hard for you. Getting any form of Fake identification is not advisable. The consequences of being caught with one are even greater. I suggest you talk to an attorney about your situation since he will be able to give you legal advice. DON'T do anything at this point in your...
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    U.S. and dual citizenship???

    Every country has it's own dual citizenship laws. Check with your country of origin to see what their take is on it. The US does allow for dual citizenship. Triple Citizen on this board is the example.
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    May already be a citizen??

    I just confirmed that with a friend of mine who is an IO. You were 16 when both your paretns became naturalized so since you were under 18, you automatically became a citizen at 16. For passport, just take your parents Naturalization certs and your birth certificate (originals + photos) and...
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    I am AOS spouse LPR any hope??

    It is ok to be negative but not rude. Personal attacks are certainly not tolerated but in this case, no rules were broken. Remember when posting on a public forum be prepared to take some form of criticism. We understand that not everyone is tactful or helpful. Since it's a free forum, try to...
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    travel to other country

    Check for visa requirements for the country that you're going to. I know for UK, having a GC is the same as having US Citizenship i.e. there are no visa requirements for tourist travels.