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    How to obtain Aadathar card in India for OCI holders?

    Hello, I am here in the USA and an OCI holder. Can anybody shed some feedback on how to obtain Aadathar card in India by using a reputable agency? I heard that Aadathar card is a mandatory if you own property. Is it true? Many thanks!
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    Expert Advise Needed Regarding how to apply/obtain E-Khatha document in Bangalore.

    Hello Gurus, I have a property at Bangalore which is BDA approved and I have the approved Khatha from BDA. Since there is a new E-Khatha document to be obtained. What are the ways to apply for E-khatha? I am here in California. Some says that I need to go in person to Bangalore to apply. I...
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    Selling real estate in Bangalore

    I am planning on selling my real estate property in Bangalore. I am in USA. I am not sure, how to find a buyer from here. Can you please suggest any reputable real estate agent in Bangalore, who can assist? I need a licenced and reputable agent/broker info. Thanks in advance,
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    Indian PAN Card for OCI card holders/Foreign citizens

    Hi Everyone, I would like to apply for a PAN Card from USA. I am a USA citizen with OCI card holder. Can you please advice how to apply for a PAN card from USA. Many thanks in advance.
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    I am a Naturalized US citizen - Planning to relocate to Dubai

    Hello, I am a naturalized US citizen. I am on a look out for other career opportunities in the middle east. Is there anything I should be aware in regards to any paper work to be filed in the US? Please advice. Many thanks,
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    OCI services has been changed from Travisa Outsourcing to indian based BLS International company

    I have applied my OCI card through travisa outsourcing. From July 1, 2013, the services has been given to another Indian based company. I am very concerned how will the application go through with the new services. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks
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    Petition to sponsor Sibllings to immigrate to USA

    Hello, I am a US citizen. Planning to file petition for my siblings, who are in India. (1) How long will it take approximately? (2) Can they come on a Tourist visa and then apply for I-485 along with I-130 petition? Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks,
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    Indian OCI process! Please help

    Hi Everyone, I need help with the following questions I have regarding the OCI process. Once I get the US passport, Which step to be done first. 1) Renunciation of Indian passport 2) Apply for OCI card 3) I have a son, who is a US citizen with PIO card. Can I apply an OCI card for...
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    Documents Needed for the N-400 Interview

    Hi Gurus, Can You please advice What documents should I have to take for the Naturalization Interview. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    N400 November DO: Los Angeles Timeline Tracker

    Hi Guys, I am starting a new thread for all applicants from DO Los angeles for November 2012 applicants. I couldnot find a specified thread for Los Angeles DO. Please find my timeline below. Appreciate if you can enter your timeline. Many Thanks. DO: Los Angeles, CA 11/19/12: N-400...