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    Employment Certificate/Verification

    Guys, for the purpose of a K1 interview, I understand an Employment Certificate is required. But my company does not issue such certs. Instead they direct whoever needs to verify the employment to a site Has anyone been at this point and was familiar with this...
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    Tracking Fiancee K-1 Visa

    After becoming citizen yesterday, I submitted the I-129 package for my Fiancee. This is to track how quick the process is. (1)07/18/2013 - Package mailed Certified Priority Postage. 2nd day delivery to the Dallas Post Office Box
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    Anyone About Bringing Their Fiance/Fiancee To The US?

    Any advice on how to go about it? Are there any known hiccups? And what are all the forms needed?
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    USCIS activation Code

    Anyone aware of any Activation Code? I got one sent to my mobile like 2 hours ago.
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    2012 October N-400 Tracker

    Please post your timeline here if you have filed your N-400 this October. Mine is below: October 15 2012 - N-400 mailed to Dallas PO Box # (Certified regular mail) October 17 2012 - Application delivered (Priority Date?)