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    US passport validity and OCI questions

    Hello, We plan to travel to India on June 10th, 2018. But my minor child's US passport expires slightly less than 6 months after that (Dec 1, 2018). My questions: 1. Does India require US passport to be valid for at least 6 months from date of entry? Online info on this is unclear, so wanted to...
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    OCI and domestic travel in India

    Fellows, This would be my first travel to India after getting OCI card. Just wanted to check if OCI card holders qualify for regular domestic airfares (e.g. jet airways/IA) applicable to Indian citizens, or do we have to pay higher fares applicable to foreign nationals ? Or is this a...
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    B1 visa expiring, new application question

    Hi, My parent's visitor visa (10 years) expires in Jun 2011. I will be visiting them in Dec 2010. And was wondering if I can help them apply for a new B1 visa during my visit (i.e. before their current visa expires). I anticipate this may not be allowed. However, just checking in case it...
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    New SSN card after Citizenship ?

    Hi, I just went to the SSA office today to update my citizenship status, and they asked me to apply for a new card, and they kept my old SSN card. I was under the impression that it is just a data update, not a new card application. Please let me know if this what most people do, or did...
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    Naturalization Certificate Signature blue/black ink ?

    Hi, I just had my oath today and I signed the certificate in blue ink. Paranoid that I am, now I vaguely recall that the IO at the ceremony mentioned something about using black ink. Could the experts here please comment on whether it is an issue if I signed the certificate using blue...
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    Passport Application Question

    Hi, My wife will have her Oath in a few days, whereas mine is about a month from now. If she applies for her PP before I become USC, she will have to mention that I am not a USC in her application. My question is that could this complicate her application process (in case my Oath...
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    Questions about DS11

    Hi, I have the following questions in form DS11. - There's a section to state 'permanent address'. I am currently renting, and likely change address in future. What would be considered permanent address in such cases ? Address in country of origin ?? - It asks for a travel date. I...
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    Bank account before becoming USC

    Hi, I have my N400 in process currently and I have an old savings account in India (when I used to reside in India). My questions: 1. I never cared to inform the bank that I moved to US (my father operates the transactions as joint account holder). Was I supposed to convert it into a...
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    Oath letter on ID v.s. in mail ?

    Hi, It seems that some applicants get their OL after the interview on interview-date v.s. some get it in the mail. What factors decides who gets the OL how ? Thanks, cd
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    Questions about interview

    Hi, I have the following questions: 1. Are the interview questions always from the 100 questions in the booklet ? Also, can the questions be from the 'description' portion of the questions (e.g. not listed as an explicit question, but mentioned in the description ?) 2. Are we...
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    Help Please: Taking kids along for Interview ?

    Hi Our interviews (self+spouse) are on the same date/time @ SJC DO. Any comments on whether we can take our 1 year old along ? Would they allow one of us to be with the child, while other is being interviewed ? Thanks cd
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    Urgent Selective Services evidence

    Hi, Just received IL for my wife today. It states to bring evidence of Selective Service registration along with GC, passport etc. I thought women are not required to register with selective services. Also, both her and I were above 26years (at least by a few years) when we got our...
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    Signature on N400 ??

    Hi I was reading some earlier posts on this forum that seem to suggest that we are supposed to sign our full-name on the N400. My signature (one on DL/GC, etc) is a compressed form of my name, which is what I used on N400 (part 11, the one signed before sending application). My questions...
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    Walkin-FP Done at SJC, what's next ?

    I just did a walk-in FP at SJC ASC earlier today. I am wondering how long does it typically take after FP to getting an interview letter, and how long should I give it before starting to worry. Also, if one answers YES on the cited/arrested question in N400, does that imply getting a...
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    Anyway to find FP date over phone ?

    Hi, I received the 'RFE' email on 11/11/09 about 'RFE' notice being sent on 11/09/09. So far I have not received anything in the mail (~9 days now). Assuming the RFE is for FP, I have an unavoidable (but flexible) travel upcoming. I am wondering if there is any way to find out the FP...
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    Walkin FP @ San Jose, Please advise

    Hi, I received an RFE email today, which, going by general experience on this forum, may likely be for the FP notice. I am evaluating if I should go for a walk-in FP (DO: San Jose), and seeking advise from this forum: 1. Does SJC service center entertain walk-in FP's ? 2. Any...
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    No FP notice yet

    Hi Guys, From reading the posts, I see that it typically is taking about 2 weeks from the day application is received to getting an FP notice (online status), currently. Should I be concerned that applications filed one week after me have received FP notices and I haven't. Anyone with...
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    POE stamps in PP

    Hi I noticed that most of my post-GC POE stamps in the passport have some annotations (handwritten by IO) which read like 'ALL', or 'ARC', or 'ALC' or 'AKC', something like that. Anyone knows what this means ? Thanks cd
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    Certified Court Disposition for San Jose Area

    Hi, I am looking for people in the San Jose area who mentioned their traffic tickets in the N400 to share their experiences. (Reading from the posts, it seems it is a big issue in NY and other areas, but varies with DO). 1. Did you receive YL just for mentioning traffic tickets ? 2. If...
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    FP Walk-in @ SJC

    Hi, I read several posts where people mentioned they had their FP done prior to the appt date. I am expecting a FP notice @ San Jose DO and have the following questions: 1. Do they entertain walk-in @ SJC DO ? 2. Any special requirements to qualify for walk-in ? 3. Any where to call...