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    Interview passed @ Philly DO

    passed interview today at Philadelphia DO. Interview schedule time 2.20pm, arrived there around 1.45pm. Apparently today was an Oath Day and there was a long line of people ahead of me for the security checks on the ground floor. It took me around 15 mins to pass the security and go to 3rd...
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    Wife received interview letter; Not me

    Hello, My wife received interview letter yesterday for an appt. on 08/17. Thats good (!!) but when I called USCIS this morning about my case (we applied together and everything so far have been exactly same dates), the second level IO told me that there is a Work Order (WO) open for my...
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    N400- Check Payable To??

    M-476 mentions the check should be payable to Department of Homeland Security whereas the N400-Instructions form says it should be payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Which is correct?
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    Sending N400 - Final review

    Hello, My GC has a date of 08/23/2004, so by the 90 day rule, I can apply for citizenship on 05/25/2009. I have completed the N400 and this is what I am planning to do - 1. Review and sign the N400 on 05/26/2009 and send it on the same day. I will make copies for my record after I sign...
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    N400 - Questions

    I am filling out N400 and have following questions- PART 1 1. The GC have only middle name initials, in N400 the instructions says provide the name as in GC but says FULL Middle Name(if applicable). Section A I typed FULL name as XXX YYYY KUMAR (Last First Middle)...
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    Filling Part 7. No of Days Out of US

    Part 7 - Write the total number of days you spent outside of the US. My question is how to accurately calculate the total number of days spend outside on a trip. E.g. If I travel out of US on 01-Jan-2009 and came back on 11-Jan-2009, then a) is it simply (11-01) = 10 days OR b) its 9...
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    Emplyement History in N400

    Hello, I will be eligible shortly (May 2009) to file for natualization. I am in the process of putting together all the information needed to fill out form N400. I have few questions that I believe experience folks on this forum can help - 1. I registered a <XYZ Inc> business entity in...
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    Is it possible??

    Pilot program is still active even though there are no recent approvals? Any thoughts? Thanks.