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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    I don't think the attorneys are colluding with my employer in this matter as my employer is one of the biggest in the world and I don't think they will stoop to the level as some of the *desi* companies. I am basing this solely on my experience with them so far and they really do not care...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    Well, let's see. After GC approval, I am very close to crossing the one year mark with my GC sponsored employer and been with them for almost 5 years now. No plans, whatsoever, to quit them any time in the future. Maybe, I will stay with them till I get my Citizenship if all goes well...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    So, I guess you didn't read my message properly. I mentioned that one has to stay for at least 4 - 6 months as that's what my attorneys were recommending and NOT just one day after the GC. Just asking around to find out whether there are any issues do not mean that intent is gone through the...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    I know that but at least I can prove that I didn't do something without consulting an attorney. My point is that I didn't act without consulting any one and instead of saying to the Judge, "Oh, I don't know... I got the advice from some site called, which may or may not exist at...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    You get free advice from and there is a famous saying: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I posted the info that I got from *real* attorneys who have thousands of clients and provide services to my employer (one of the biggest companies in the world). If I ever get in to trouble for a...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    Just informing people about this would spoil the happiness of those who have quit already? What kind of sick statement is this? This is just ignorance at its best! If you are ignorant, tough luck. But please don't preach others as if it doesn’t even warrant any consideration. If it was a...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    I don't know what you mean by every one can check on their own? If they can, will they be here? And, who put you in charge of all the immigrants. Cool down. If you already quit, then it doesn't apply to you as you may or may not have committed a mistake. Who knows, only time will tell as...
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    Here is the scoop behind changing jobs from two attorneys

    I had a conversation with two attorneys (they are Members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), The American Bar Association (ABA), and so on…) from a very big law firm (not naming them because I didn’t get consent from them to publish their response) and this is what they have...
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    options for people who ALREADY quit their sponserer "sooner"

    LSI Logic has an Indian CEO. Computer Associates *had* an Indian CEO. I am not sure how many others have but you are missing one of the biggest point and that is, being a CEO takes your life away and I am sure, most of the Indians or for that matter, anyone would like to make a CEO salary but...
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    Lets Send Massive Emails To Lou Dobbs, Here Is Why!!!

    Lou Dobbs and Pro Immigration??? Are you kidding me??? You must have watched his program while dreaming. He is against H1B's, outsourcing, and keeps cursing the govt for not stopping/curtailing these programs. If you inform him, he will take that as a positive and praise the govt!
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    I-90 renewal advice--please help!

    Just some more good news for you (take a printout of this while you go to the USCIS office): How Do I Obtain Temporary Evidence of My Status For Travel or Employment Purposes, if Necessary, While the USCIS is Reviewing My Form I-90 Application? At the time that you are completing the...
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    I-90 renewal advice--please help!

    If I were you, I would take an another appointment and try my luck with another officer. Some times, it depends on the mood of the officer too. Heck, you might lose about two hours of your day but it's worth a shot! Also, I have heard then even though you return to US with an expired GC...
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    I-90 renewal advice--please help!

    Calling 800 number is pretty much useless. You get only stereo-typed responses. When you took an InfoPass appointment, why didn't you ask the USCIS staff to stamp your boyfriend's passport with a temporary I-551 visa so that he can travel in and out for one year? They usually issue the stamp...
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    Changing job before GC

    JoeF has a history of scaring people with bits and pieces of info that he gathers from various sites. I see few negative or fear inducing posts from him (or her???) even though the particular case may not warrant that. But you have to really appreciate JoeF's efforts (barring fear mongering...
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    Will there be entry problem

    You will not have any problem as long as there is nothing to hide. Just have your papers ready in case you are pampered with lots of questions but I doubt there will be any. POE cannot deny your entry unless they find something incriminating and discrepancies, including fabrication, in your...
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    Entering on the stamp - share please?

    Doesn't matter whether you have a physical GC or a stamp or for that matter, a visa. They can stop people at random and send you to secondary inspection. While at secondary inspection, they just ask basic questions like "Where did you go? How long was the trip? Who sponsored the GC? Oh...
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    Insurance while driving to Canada

    It's better to get the insurance card for Canada before traveling to Canada. Only while involved in an accident, the authorities would look for insurance card and why take the chance and get stuck while you can get the card, for free, from the insurance company?
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    Please help: First Name spelled incorrectly on 485 approval and 551

    You can file I-90 (e-file) with the correct information. Give it a shot and you might get the card before 03/05.
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    Best Time for Last Name Change!

    If I were you, I would wait till I get Citizenship. Why start something now and delay the process? After all, why give USCIS a valid reason to delay the process, right? For just sponsoring, I don't think the last names have to match... If it makes you feel any better, mine and my spouse's...
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    Get money back from CIS for AP and EAD applications?

    It's NOT a robbery. Think about it. The minute they enter your details in to their system and generate EAC numbers, they have rendered the service. So, how can you expect to get the refund? There is no partial work, right? Who knows, those EAD/AP renewals might have triggered your...