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    September visa bulletin

    All current.
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    Entry without a stamp ?!?

    Hi folks, I have a case right now! He arrived today, spoke little English with the immigration officer, he "apparently" told him its all good!.... He got out, took his next flight to Kansas city Missouri.... He does not have the endorsement stamp on his passport, and he still has his sealed...
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    happy new year

    To my dream team, and all the veterans of this amazing subforum. And the the 2015 selectees. Have a great year peeps :-) Cheers from kansas olathe
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    POE abu dabi

    Hi peeps, Just want to inform you that in abu dabi, (dubai) you can process all your immigration application.
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    Interview experience johannesburg

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm posting from (sandton) Johannesburg city south-africa. Woke up at 4 am, not that I slept anyway, checked the files again :D Idle the car scream at the wife, to be ready its already 5.45 h and the bloody make never gets done grrrrr 6 am head to johannesburg, I feared...
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    August DV team

    Guys, the data still looks good, and after the hesteria of this morning, I traced some cases, and there is no way we will run out of visas in august! 2014EU37172 this is the proof :) Like franky says let's keep our composure.
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    Anyone have an Interview between the September 15th and the 30th (DV2014)??

    Does any one have an interview date within the last two weeks of september from AF or AS? Please repport here Thanks
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    Up coming May month visa bulletin.

    Hi forum mates After a deep look into the previouse VB(april) I decided to reajust my predictions! I do now believe that for AF region will get a subtencial increase in the cutoff! Ethiopia hitting their limit because of lack of candidates I believe ! And nigeria has moved with 2k which I think...
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    sloner axiom :) Hope this will make it clear about dv2012.:)
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    CEAC status check operationel?

    I invite all the dv winners with (granted visa) to check their status on the website bellow. To help us figure out if DATA has been loaded on, that will be very helpful for the selectees that been put on administraves processing, to follow online their status and also others for useful sake of...
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    supporters for britsimon wave here !l

    Let's all send msg to monica the adminstrator to reabilitate simon, I don't care if I'm banned, he's the coolest man on this forum so why?????? Let's get our friend back guys oohra
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    visa bulletin big jump

    As i said a big jump on the cut off will happen march month. Any other opinion?
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    Nacara nigaragua ?

    I open this thread to be able to understand the Why is nicaraguaen are getting a 5000 visa since1999 And do they fall under SA region? Any idea ?