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    Passport stamping in SFO

    I went yesterday for passport stamping in SFO, here's my experience: Took an appointment via infopass 2 weeks ago. Found a parking not too far from the office, limited to 1 hour, that was enough. The entrance is on Washington, there was a queue but I could go in as it was less than 15mn...
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    Time limit to get passport stamping?

    I just got approved, but can't go for passport approval for few weeks. Do you know if there is a time limit to get the appointment? Thx,
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    T3k Approved - Finally in November 2004

    I don't believe it yet, but I received the famous email from BCIS... Application Type: I485 , Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Current Status: This case has been approved. ... I just hope it's not a mistake. It's funny as in a way it changes nothing, and...
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    Do I need H1B once I have EAD?

    The company's lawyer, Fragomen, is advising my company to renew my H1B for a year. But I already got EAD & AP. I think either they just want to get some more money, or they want to screw me in some way (that wouldn't be the first time, as they tried not to do concurrent processing). Do you...
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    Digital Pictures for I 485?

    The photo requirements for the I485 are very stringent, and leads to expensive photos. Did any of you use a digital camera and home printer to create these photos? Or do you know where to get them for a correct price? Thanks, t3k
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    Job Outlook

    I read the following article, it seems that more and more executives are considering the possibility of a shortage of ressources. When the shortage becomes more reel, be ready to see the rate of adjucations going to fire.,1640,51816,00.html...
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    Filing I-485 without a Lawyer?

    Does any of you filed for I-485 (employment based) on your own? I know someone who did it, but it was 15 years ago. I would be interested to know how easy it is, or if BCIS would take even longer if the case is not sent by a lawyer. If you have any experience, let me know. Thanks, t3k