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    Approved! after Name Check Delay, AC21, Arrest, 140 Revok, 458 Denial, Local Transfer

    Hi All, My 485 application was approved after a standard interview on December 5th. Though I would never wish the plight of being stuck in retrogression or BEC, my case had its own share of drama. I am just relieved that it is all over. Entered USA: Aug 1997 First Labor Filed: Feb, 2001...
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    Does online case status change upon 485 approval

    Hi all, If a local office approves a 485 case, is it reflected online in the USCIS online status system? Thanks
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    485 Interview and lower that LC W2 Wages

    My 485 is transferred to a local office. I read from several postings that a W2/Tax Filings for last 3 years are standard documents asked in an intereview. My pay has been significantly lower than that mentioned on the LC. After changing using AC21 180 day rule, my current pay for past 1...
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    Does LUD/Message on 485 change if Local Office Sends interview letter?

    My case is transferred to a local office. When the local office sends a letter of interview, does the message or LUD for the 485 case on the USCIS website change? Please let me know if anyone had been in this position before. This everyday anticipation of a letter is being very painful...
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    2 Approved 140s, Can I used older date after AC21

    This is a tricky situation I found myself recently. -- Entered August 1997 -- End of 1999, 1st company, Labor filed for me and approved EB3 -- 140 applied and approved on that labor in another 6 months or so. I found this very recently when I called Customer Service and they got...
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    GC and AP holders will be finger printed at POE WASHINGTON - U.S. residents with green cards, parolees and some Canadians will have their fingerprints checked every time they re-enter the U.S. by air or sea. The new security checks announced Thursday by the Department of...
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    No LUD's or Status Changes happening on 485

    After my case was reopened in Jan 2006, I applied and got approvals for Advance Parole and EAD. Then I initiated an offical inquiry, as a response I got a letter in post. Then I received Fingerprint notices. So far not a single LUD or status change since January '06 on my case. This is...
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    Sick of Retrogression/Name Check Discussions

    I am sick and tired of reading innumerable posts about how bad retrogression is and how long name check is taking. There are possible solutions availble that can possibly provide some relief. Unless one want to take some action and really do something, that person should better stop posting...
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    My comments to DOL on Labor Substitution Elimnation

    I would'nt have suffered a 485 denial had there been no LC Substitution. I know my company revoked I140 after I used AC21 to use the LC for someone else. (Ofcourse I paid every dime for that whole process) Here are my comments I sent o DOL on the proposed LC Substitution elimnation rule. You...
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    LC Substition Elimnation - My Comments to DOL

    Sub: Substitution Elimination Proposed Rule RIN 1205-AB42 Dear Sir and Madam: I sincerely appreciate DOL for proposing these new rules. As a beneficiary of 3 separate Labor Certifications from 3 different companies over a period 8 years, I can only say that the provision for Labor...
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    FEDEX Package says Rerouted ??

    I dont understand this. My AC21 package was delivered to VSC USCIS 75 Lower Welden St, St. Albans, VT 05479 When I see the Fedex Status it says, 1. At dest sort facility, south burlington, VT 2. At Fedex Local Facility, Williston, VT 3. held at Fedex Location for receipient...
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    485 denied after AC21 and 140 revoked Please help me with suggestions. I am really scared.
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    485 Denied after AC21 and 140 Revocation

    Looks like my former employer revoked the approved I-140 and VSC denied my 485 application. I filed concurrently in June 04 and changed jobs using AC21 in Oct 2005. My new lawyer sent the AC21 documentation in Oct/Nov. There were LUD changes mid of November on 140/485. I got a denial...
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    Strange message on 140 approved 10 months back

    My 140 was approved in Feb 05. Now I got this message. I changed using AC-21 in Oct. After that LUD's changed on 140 and 485 in November. Today I see LUC changes on 140 and 485 and then this message on 140. Has any one come across this? Application Type: I140, IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR...
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    LUD changed on both 140, 485 after using AC21

    I changed jobs using AC21 law recently (6 weeks). My new lawyers sent the documentation about 15 days back. Today the LUD's changed on both 140, 485's (including dependent application). Has any one seen this before. Should I read anything into the changes? Mine is not a Substitution...
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    New Yates Memo - Pirority Date Problem

    Guys what does it mean by the highlighted part. Anyone changing jobs using AC21 should file for labor again to retain PD ????????? ------------ (5) Priority Dates. The priority date is used in conjunction with the Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State (DOS) to determine when the...
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    New Yates Memo - Pirority Date Question

    Guys what does it mean by the highlighted part. Anyone changing jobs using AC21 should file for labor again to retain PD ????????? ------------ (5) Priority Dates. The priority date is used in conjunction with the Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State (DOS) to determine when the...
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    Solution #1, Ban Labor Substitution

    There are supposedly 345,000 cased in Backlog Processing Centers in Dallas & Philadelphia alone. Now how many employees still work for the same employer who filed for the labor?? Unless Substitution is banned, there is no way any fairness will be induced to the whole GC process. All...
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    Labor Reusability Question

    Post AC-21 Labor Reusability/Substitution Question Gurus, I have a followup question on this. Chat User : Thanks for the great service, Murthiji. Can an employer substitute the labor of a person who left the company after 180 days, whose I-140 has been approved and I-485 is pending, to...