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    Is an LPR required to inform USCIS of change of address?

    Pretty much the title! If it's required, what if the LP didn't inform USICS of the change of address, can they do it now? What if the LP is outside the US? Can this be done online?
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    Maintaining LPR status by traveling to US every six months

    Hello folks, Can you please share your thoughts on this? LPR travels to US from overseas and stays here in US for say 6 months or longer. I have heard from others who do this and consider this a "safe" way to still maintain LPR status. I'm asking this in order to learn what's the reality and...
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    Unexpired re-entry permit, traveling back to US, applying for second re-entry permit

    Hello folks, Hope you are doing well and staying safe. I'm hoping you can help me understand and plan the travel for my father in law who received his green card about 2 years ago. Situation: Father in law sponsored by US citizen son. He received his green card when he traveled to USA...
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    Greencard holder

    Father in law got immigrant visa and travelled to US in early 2019. Stayed for couple months, had to go back to old country. He was approved for re-entry permit valid for two years before he left US to take care of affairs overseas. He is retired and makes about $10,000 per year from his pension...
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    Name Change done through court in US, what next?

    Got name changed as a US citizen through normal name change process (NOT as part of Naturalization or through marriage). I understand the process and places in US that need to be notified but have no idea what to do with the old country. In US: 1. Get a new social security card 2. Get a new...
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    Immigrant parent and filing taxes - scenarios?

    Hello folks, Immigrant parent landed in US in Feb. 2019, should they file taxes since they were not an immigrant in 2018 since they never set foot in US? Their immigrant visa was issued in 2018 but their first travel to US on that visa occurred in Feb. 2019. A related question, what if parent...
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    Spouse wants to change her name...

    Hi, She wants to change her full name, how does one go about it? Anyone done it? What does one do about their birth certificate? etc What documents needs to be updated and how does the process work. I'm familiar with the part where one needs to go to court and get a court order of name change...
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    Old parent coming to US on Immigrant Visa.. Educate me on the process and what to do?

    Hi, If parents are traveling to US on immigrant visa, what does the process look like from the time they land at US airport? When do they get the green card in the mail? How does one get health insurance for them? They are say 55 years of age. Thanks!
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    Changing Name after naturalization

    Hi folks, It's been quite a while since I posted here. In short, a US citizen needs to change the first and last name, what are the logistics involved and has anyone gone through the process? Please take a look at this post for rest of the details...
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    Changing the complete name - what to do to make it a smooth process?

    Naturalized citizen wants to change the full name (first and last names) due to personal reasons meaning not due to marriage although the new last name is same as the spouse's last name. What needs to be done so it goes smoothly? Background: The US citizen has sponsored parents and siblings...
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    Anyone gone through name change after naturalization?

    Hi All, It's been quite a while since I posted in the forum. I would appreciate it if someone who has gone through the name change (complete name change not just the last name) from start to finish, please share the steps and any gotchas? Things like where to start,,what's the step 0 and what...
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    Non Availbility of Birth Certificate (NABC) for parent 50+ born in Pakistan

    Like the title says, how does one go about getting NABC for old age parents who were born say in 1950? Has anyone obtained such document from Pakistan? Please let me know, highly appreciated. Also just hte year of birth is known for the parents, I assume this could be remedied by affidavits...
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    USC sponsoring parents...need guidance?

    Trying to plan for sponsoring the parents and in-laws. If their cases are filed together and say get approved together. Do they get same amount of time within which they have to travel to US? Once they land in US, can they go back to take acare of affairs in the home country? What do I need in...
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    Age out issues for children of a sibling

    US Citizen sponsors his/her siblings and say it takes about 10 years. What happens to the sibling's children who turn 21 and are unmarried? Are they protected under the CSPA ? US Citizen sponsors sinling A. Sibling S1 is married and has two kids, K1 (five years of age) and K2 (10 years) of...
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    Anyone recently had their Oath Ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston? Please give tips

    Oath Ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston - detailed account Couple is going to oath ceremony tomorrow and wants to find out how can they take pictures of their oath taking? Can they carry their iphones with them? Is there a way to get an official picture of the whole ceremony? Or are they...
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    Getting ready for oath day, what to take with me?

    The oath letter says any reentry permits or all immigration documents in my possession in addition to LPR card. I have old unused and expired advance parole, should I take them with me? What's all immigration documents that a person who received LPR through employment should take? I'm...
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    Average time for oath letter to arrive after online status change to "oath scheduling"

    Hi, Online status changed to "oath scheduling" on 02/11/2014. Stil no letter in the mail. I know it might be coming but wanted to see how long it typicaly takes for the letter to arrive? Is the letter being generated out of the local USCIS office or benefits center (USCIS service centers)...
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    Interview preparation

    Have interview in few days, would appreciate if anyone can share their thoughts on these: 1. Do I need to memorize the exact dates, A# etc that I filled up on the form N-400? I understand that I need to know the basic/core information but is it a memory test of what I filled up on the form...
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    Wrote wrong A# at the back of photos sent with n400 application

    Just realized that I wrote the wrong A# on the back of my photos! I messed up three middle digits. A# is accurate on the actual application! thinking that it's not big deal. Anyone made similar mistake?
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    Anyone recently did their biometrics at Boston ASC?

    Have an biometrics appointment for my N-400 at 11 AM at Boston ASC, thinking of getting there first hing in the morning so can be home on time to pick up kids from school. I know that many people may have been given the same time so the folks at ASC do it on first come first serve basis for a...