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    Germany Transit Visa

    All , I know that since it is a transit visa issue , I should post it in a broader form . However , I am so used to this forum and I feel like I should post it here so that my friends at VSC will benifit out of it . Here is the summary of my understanding about Transit Visa ( German) - for...
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    ND 04/01/03 EB2 approved

    I thought for a while whether I should create new thread with approval or not . After debating for two minutes , I decided that I would .After all I have been waiting for this day for so many months . My 485 as well as my wife's were approved . See my signature for details . This forum has...
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    Name check - Security Check

    All , I have a quick question . (a) Does anybody know whether Security Check is different from namecheck ? (b) If one individual gets Email from FBI saying that name check was completed and the results were forwarded to VSC , is that it ? or still does the individual need to worry...
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    485 ND 033103 & 040103 NO FP1

    Folks , It looks like i have missed the FP boat again . I am trying to find the no of 485 cases with the same ND and with out FP1 . Where can i find the 485 scan xls file ? I appreciate instructions also . Thanks sunny
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    485 Approvals Only Consolidated

    Hi All ! It has been frustrating to read so many threads to find that there is not even single 485 Approved on that particular day . Really .. it is waste of time for somany members of this forum to hunt for approvals . SO PLEASE PUT YOUR INFO ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE GOOD NEWS of approval to...
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    140 ND 04/01/03 EB2 Mysunny Approved

    I know .. I know . Many of you donot want to have the separate threads . I have already updated the consolidated tracker with the info about my 140 Approval . I was waiting for this day to be able to post my 140 approval . So i thought ... what the heck ... Here are the details 140...
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    Interim EAD

    Hi Gurus ! How do i know - where i should go in order to get I-EAD ? Applied for renewal back in the seocnd week of Jan 04 . I donot think that it will get renewed by last week of Apr 04 , when my h1b expires . So I am planning to go to get I-EAD before my H1B expires . Any ideas ---...
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    EAD renewal

    Hi all ! I have following question EAD renewal. (a) It looks like we don't have to send any passport photographs while sending the EAD renewal application. (b) The check payable to "Immigration and Naturalization Service" for $120, -------- can it be a personal check? (c) Do we...