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    Interview within 2 weeks but no package received

    Hi, All you need to do is go to the consulate and collect the interview papers or some consulates let you print the interview docs from their web site. You can use those to get the medical exam done. You should plan on getting the medical exam and the results back in time for the interveiw...
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    Interview date timeline

    Contact consulate You can send an email to the consulate or you can call the consulate. My suggestion would be to send an email. But keep checking the consulate's web site for next month's interview list. It should be published before 3rd week of the previous month for the next month's...
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    Does I-864 Affidavit of support need to Notarized?

    Affidavit of Support Yes, it needs to be notorized and you find the latest 867 from any immigration web site or web site.
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    Chest X-RAY question: urgent

    In fact, it should have been opened by the doctor who did medical check ups on you. So, it would not be in sealed condition if you were thru the interview process. So, no issues but do keep in mind you would want to keep this with you for 1 year, I think. Please carry this with you. Best of...
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    help please

    Hi, I am not sure about the E1 privileges or restrictions. But, I can certainly comment on some of the procedures. When you go for your immigrant visa interview, the first thing they will do is cancel all your non-immigrant visas you might have in your passport, although the stamp says...
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    police clearence certificate urgent please please

    This is my understanding. You need PCC from each of the countries where you stayed for more than 6 months. So, if you stayed in the US for more than 6 months, I think, you need to get this from the consuldate in the US. I don't really know whether a certificate from police commissions of the...
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    Packet 3 awaiting thread

    Got our cards We finally got our cards today. Now, only social security cards to arrive. I got I-797C action notices 2 for each member of our family on 6th with a date of 4th May. And, there were updates in BCIS web site on 9th saying that the cases have been approved. On 12th I receive the...
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    Packet 3 awaiting thread

    Ds-230 Hi, Thanks!! You can download DS-230 Part-I, complete the details and keep it ready. You attorney would actually send you DS-230 partially filled-up with whatever info they have. You would check the Attorney's forms with your (kept ready) and send the attorney's back with all the...
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    Packet 3 awaiting thread

    Successful interview @ chennai and SFO POE smooth Hi All, I had a successful interview @ Chennai on 13th April, 2006 and got the passports back @ my address in India on 18th April and breezed through Port of Entry @ SFO on 19th April without any issue. I will post detailed experience...
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    Packet 3 awaiting thread

    Hi All, I finally got my interview @ chennai scheduled on 13th April, 2006.
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    Successful CP at Chennai

    Hi Peter_guest5450, How many days lag-time do I need to allow between medicals and interview date. My interview is scheduled for 13th April, 2006. If you can give me your contact number I would like to talk to you before I leave for Chennai. Thanks!!
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    PCC Question - When and How?

    PCC is not required for Packet 3 Packet 3 does not need PCC to be attached. Your attorney can certify that the applicant is in the process of all the necessary documents and they will be ready by the interview time. From my experience, this is good enough. But, apply for PCC in the meantime...
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    Does retrogression affect if P3 is sent to NVC but P4 is not received?

    Undoubtedly, you are the most unlucky I used to think I was the most unlucky, but you beat me thumbs down. But, don't worry things will have to improve. May be another one or two quarters. All the number statistics USCIS is basing their priority dates on would crumble and the numbers would...
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    Chennai November Interview Schedule Posted

    Chennai November Interview Schedule posted. Loads of EX cases scheduled and I saw one E2 case scheduled for 9th November (Case # is MDR2000xxxxx). I am assuming there was some movement in EB2 priority date. Let us hope.
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    Packet 3 awaiting thread

    Yes, you will have to wait till PD for EB1 category touches your Priority Date. The silver lining is you are not very far from cut-off date in your category. But, how long does that take for the PD to traverse from Aug-2 to Feb-03, it is anyone's guess. And, I agree with rrajendr, that things...
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    Predicted Priority Dates for 2006

    Hey Guys, I was thinking through this Re-trogression. For a moment, I wanted to play advocate from USCIS side and see how I can work through these numbers: Assumptions: 1) Total Green cards of 140,000 for a given fiscal year 2) 28.6 % each for a given category EB1, EB2, AND EB3. Let us...
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    Predicted Priority Dates for 2006

    Concurrence The more I think of it, I should say, I agree with both of you. I got about 3 emails from chennai consulate and all of them conform to what you said rather than to what appan has posted. May be, we should wait until it is posted this weekend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...
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    Predicted Priority Dates for 2006

    I agree Hi udi75, I am on my 9th year extension and I have not seen anyone with such a long-pending immigration petition. May be, my reach is limited. But, my gut feel says that there should not be many cases pending prior to amnesty accepted upto 28th or 30th of April, 2001. Everybody's...
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    Predicted Priority Dates for 2006

    But then!!! How do you explain this one posted by Appan Originally Posted by appan :mad: ear Dir, We regret to inform you that the processing date of the employment based (E3 visa category) immigrant visa is no longer current and hence we cannot process your immigrant visa...
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    Predicted Priority Dates for 2006

    I think it is a mistake I think it is a mistaken report. I will tell you why. For India, there are no cases of EB2 pending beyond 2001. This is again my personal understanding. Can anyone on this forum confirm that they are in EB2 category and holding a petition with priority date of 2000 or...