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    Waiting for Green Card for 180+ days now, pls help with filling out some basic info.

    Hello, I've been waiting for my permanent resident card for over 6 months now. My 2 sons with whom payment was made at the same time, and all 3 of us even share the same DOS Case ID reflecting that. They received their green card in 2-3 months, but despite all information being technically the...
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    H2B Visa, if extension is denied, can i work during appeal?

    I currently have a H2B visa working in Guam. There's been an odd situation here where nearly all H2B's have been denied (we're talking 99.9%). The situation seems to be changing for the better recently, but my H2B extension will likely be denied. My employer plans to appeal at least once...
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    Confusing Issue with N-565

    I became a US citizen by virtue of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. I filed an N-600 Application, and received my Certificate of Citizenship, then also got a passport shortly thereafter. Later, I got a name change. I decide I want my new name to be reflected on my Certificate of Citizenship...