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    KCC emailing back?

    I emailed KCC with enquiry but no reply yet. Are they replying at all? I emailed to but no reply yet. I want to enquire about my case for 2013. I think my number is few 5****. It shouldn't be further than october or november as i am been told.
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    Sponsorship Help

    Hey, I have some problems with my sposor letter which just arrived. 1. My spouse is not listed in the form I-134. 2. Annual income is 37K but her savings account show 1000USD, while her checking account shows 800USD. Recently, she sent the form to another person, as a sponsor as well...
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    Obligations of an a sponsor?

    Can someone please give me a detailed answer regarding this: What it means from a legal perspective to sponsor an international student - as in what would be my obligations?
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    DS-230 for spouse

    A friend of mine sent her forms back to KCC. In her spouse's form, when asked for Petitioners name, she filled his name. She is the winner and he is a beneficiary. I think she should have filled her name or nothing at it, right? What do you think? If mistaken, could she email KCC and fix it?
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    2012 winner relationship status help

    A friend of mine just won dv 2012. She is recently married, after filling the forms. I don't think there is a problem but she is freaking out about it so: 1. Can she stay married and fill her husbands info but ok to go to interview without him? In other words, would they demand him to come to...
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    Bulletin Cut Off numbers and its meaning?

    Hi, I am trying to explain to this dude about the meaning of visa bulletin posted on yet i can't cross his mind. Say, for June 2011, for Africa the cut off number is 49300. What does it mean? How does it relate to a case number such as this 68251 (last find digits randomly...
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    Dv2011 - filling form dsp-122 field rank order number

    Hi, I didn't get a notification letter but i checked on for dv 2011 and i won. I contacted KCC and i was told the case number or bar code sheet of paper is not important though they said my application will be checked and confirmed once i sent back all the forms to...
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    Can A Native US citizen sponsor a refugee

    Hi, A native US citizen with strong finincial background wants to sponsor a refugee and bring her to the US. Is that possible? Are there anyways, should that be impossible, to transfer her to the US?
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    No winning letter but site says i won

    Hey, This is on behalf of my friend. Today, i checked his status and it says the "Entry" was selected. But no letter until now. Is there a problem? KCC can't be contacted before August 1 and i am kind of afraid. Hugs, Sam
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    DV Expires or not? [ 2005 thingy]

    Hi, i am now in US for winnin DV-2009. Now, my bro, who is back at home and won dv-2005 but failed to use it at all heard it still could be used. I dont know anything about the 2005 thing, but in my case, it was sayin it is unusuable after Sep. 2009. My bro said he knew a guy who left wit an...
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    Janetgal here: successful interview

    Hey Everybody! I hope you remember me. After been thru a lot, I have finally set for interview and will get my visa on Monday. I suppose my case is a little painful and i think it would be a great lesson for the rest of us. So, here is my information regarding my experience, which I hope you...
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    Contact address of mexicos immigration office

    Hello All, I am havin an issue with my immigration plans to mexico. For some reason, i need full contact address of the Mexican Immigration Office found in mexico city. I am currently in Uganda where my processin is been carried out. Do you know how i can get the email, phone number of the...
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    Embassy email: wat does this mean, especially from u who ve done interviews?

    i contacted embassy regardin my problem and was told the following. wat can u friends make out of it? Greetings, Unfortunately we are not in a postition to advise applicants if they should or should not continue. When you are ready to come for your interview you will need to present...
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    Birthdate error: reason for visa denail?

    hi, I made a mistake in my online entry (my birthdate). I found out abt dat when i contacted KCC on the phone and they said birhtdate dont match. I dont ve a record of the submission form n everything but got am 2nd letter. i contacted de embassy for advise n de consular said it may be alr, but...
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    Letter came, moved out...what can i do?

    Hello All, I found out today that my 2nd letter came n i have moved out of my currently. Is there anything i can do to move my interview place? It is on Feb. 5.
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    So KCC people are very tough? nth to do?

    Today, i got a mail from bbsnetting (i have heard they r really helpful) and he told me i can contact KCC with my problem. Is that true? I mean, how do i say anything at all to those guys? My case is there cos my supporter called them n they told her it is still under-process but need correct...
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    Pls Help with this email!

    Hello my friends, i am Janet,DV-2009 winner. I contacted KCC for relocation of my interview place with my personal info (Case num,bdate,name) n dey send this email: "Thank you for your inquiry. You must submit the principal applicant’s full name, date of birth, case number and former...