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    April 2003

    Hi all , These days , it looks like Plastic cards are sent pretty quick . However , in the process they are making so many mistakes . Myself and my wife received cards . On my card they put the dates wrong . I have E-FILED I-90 . Yesterday I got my passport stamped again . Does...
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    Rajudm's I485 approved -- All done... April 2003/EB3 PD 23July2002

    Hi Rajudm , I always felt happy to see fellow April 03 applicants getting approved .It is one of the most unfortunate groups . I am happy for you . Time for you to relax and celebrate . Sunny
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    March Plastic Card Tracker

    Category on Card Hi ArjunDC , I have received card yesterday . My wife as well received too . On my card it says that I am permanent resident since April 22,2001 . ( That is probalby PD) . on my wifes card it says she is permanent resident since Feb 26th , day of 485 approval . For both...
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    Germany Transit Visa

    All , I know that since it is a transit visa issue , I should post it in a broader form . However , I am so used to this forum and I feel like I should post it here so that my friends at VSC will benifit out of it . Here is the summary of my understanding about Transit Visa ( German) - for...
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    Let Us Congratulate Rajum

    Hi Rajum , It is really hard to wait for just 485 approval for almost three years . Especially it is more painful when 2004 cases are getting approved while cases such as yours are on hold from 2001 onwards . I am happy to see that VSC is clearing the dust in their offices and paying...
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    Transit Visa

    Netherland does not need visa . Kuwait - I donot think they need . But the fact that they stop at London or Paris for refueling will make you pay for the transit visa .
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    Card Tracker for PP Stamping in FEBRUARY 2005

    All , I would like to know whether LUDs and Card Issual are function of Service center where we get I-551 done or function of LUCK , LUCK ,..... . I see no LUDs on my case at all inspite of getting it I-551 done on 2-28-05. Meanwhile my EAD was denied on 3-8-05 saying that So What is...
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    Finally received I-485 approval mails after struggle

    Congrats kamvp , I am glad to see that finally you got out of this merger mess (MM) Although your case is not that old ( there are so many early 03 folks - u know ) , getting denial for no fault of yours and reopening it and getting approved in few weekd involve lot of mental stress ...
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    Travel with Advance expired.URGENT

    Transit Visa - I 551 Stamp in PP All , My wife is planning to go to India via Frankfurt . She has a I-551 stamp in her passport . Does she need to take transit visa ? My mother who will join my wife in her return journey on B1/B2 visitor visa - Does she need transit visa ? Any help...
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    ND 04/01/03 EB2 approved

    Thank you all , who took time to post congratulations . I wish you as well as those in waiting since 2002 and early 2003 an "Early and smooth Approval ". Sunny
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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    Hi Kalyan , Strictly speaking we don't have to do anything as far as name check is concerned . ANytime after submission of 485 application , USCIS can send a request to FBI about namecheck . Unfortunately it was widely reported ( and I believe) that the requests sent by VSC never reached...
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    ND 04/01/03 EB2 approved

    My response with regard to Name check Expediting may not help you much as The steps that I took were very preliminary and minimal . But I always flet bad that my namecheck was not done because of the communicaiton error between FBI and VSC .Here is what I did .Refer other namecheck threads for...
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    ND 04/01/03 EB2 approved

    I thought for a while whether I should create new thread with approval or not . After debating for two minutes , I decided that I would .After all I have been waiting for this day for so many months . My 485 as well as my wife's were approved . See my signature for details . This forum has...
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    485 ND 04/01/03 EB2 Approved My 485 as well as my wife's were approved . See my signature for details . This forum has been of great help to me . I wish speedy approvals for those who have been waiting for long . Make sure that your dates are past 485 published dates . Make sure your FP...
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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    Approved ND 04/01/03 EB2 My 485 as well as my wife's were approved . See my signature for details . This forum has been of great help to me . I wish speedy approvals for those who have been waiting for long . My observation is : make sure that your dates are past 485 published dates ...
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    B2 - rejected twice

    Visior Visa - Result of Being very honest ?? Folks , I need your advise . My son was sent to India with my mother , when my son was 9 months old . Now my son is almost 3 years old . I am trying to get visitor visa for my in-laws . Thier visa was rejected once in the first week of feb...
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    Card Tracker for PP Stamping in Jan, 2005

    Folks , I have a simpe question . If we delay the process of going for Stamping , Will it delay the issue of Card ? Is there anybody who did stamping with out approval notice in hand ? Thanks mysunny007
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    Approved! I-485 filed Dec. 2002

    Toners , Congratulations . It is nice to say good bye to oldies . Let me know when you receive the approval notice . I believe your attonrey will get it . And you will get it from him/her . I am planning to take a trip to India some time in the end of March . I am doing all kinds of...
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Namecheck - details All , I have received reply from FBI saying that our name check results are forwarded to Washington. I am happy that another issue is closed and I am to wait for final one now . What I did in the past 6 months for namecheck ? (a) Sent one email twice to fbi ...
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    Name check – a very interesting story

    I see your logic . But this is what could have happened . (a) Too many customers started complaining about name check mess starting in Oct 04 . (b) Some big boss conducted a meeting at VSC and asked the subordinates to conduct 2nd time name check on those , whose is missing . (c) The...