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    What/Where LUD?

    Where can i find the LUD? Is it when you check case online where you can see Last Updated column for your portfoilo account? who does the update? user registered time or USCIS members updated? If so USCIS made any updation, how can i find what changes they made? Any advice.
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    EAD Filing Question 14&15

    When i joined my spouse i was in h4 visa,after AOS, i got a job using EAD, let me know how to fill this Question? Q14: Manner of Last Entry??? if i enter thru h4 visa, what should i put ? Q15: current Immigration status??? Curently working on EAD, what should i put? appericate...
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    I-140 Original Notice Query

    I asked my lawyer to send the I-140 approved Original Notice, but lawyer said No. i filled i-485 also My laywer replied: Yes, I do need the original. You do not need it. Why laywer need this?Any particular reason? All I have a copy of my labor & I-140. any advice on this.
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    h1 approved, h4 extn

    My wife visa & i-94 expiry in Aug 2007, but she got new h1 approved with i-94 starting Oct 2007. My question 1) Do i need to apply anything in order to start working Oct? 2) Aug - Oct would over the out of status, any issues? 3) Do i need apply for H4 extn? 4)At any cost she has start...