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    Won DV2013, wrong Date of birth

    dont worry...i made the same mistake in 2008...just use ur correct dob in the paper forms n have correct documents. u r good to go!
  2. J

    KCC emailing back?

    I emailed KCC with enquiry but no reply yet. Are they replying at all? I emailed to but no reply yet. I want to enquire about my case for 2013. I think my number is few 5****. It shouldn't be further than october or november as i am been told.
  3. J

    Forgot to write a middle name in dv2013 on-line application.

    Totally ok! from my experience, you have nothing to worry about. I made a mistake in my birthdate and names (entered my third name for both second and third name). THe only problem i had was i wasnt able to contact KCC to track my case. I did tell them and i was told to send the CORRECT...
  4. J

    Sponsorship Help

    Hey, I have some problems with my sposor letter which just arrived. 1. My spouse is not listed in the form I-134. 2. Annual income is 37K but her savings account show 1000USD, while her checking account shows 800USD. Recently, she sent the form to another person, as a sponsor as well...
  5. J

    Obligations of an a sponsor?

    Can someone please give me a detailed answer regarding this: What it means from a legal perspective to sponsor an international student - as in what would be my obligations?
  6. J

    DS-230 for spouse

    A friend of mine sent her forms back to KCC. In her spouse's form, when asked for Petitioners name, she filled his name. She is the winner and he is a beneficiary. I think she should have filled her name or nothing at it, right? What do you think? If mistaken, could she email KCC and fix it?
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    2012 winner relationship status help

    Thanks for your info. Can you make it clear please: 1. Since her passport will mention MARRIED, in forms she should fill as MARRIED. Do we need to send back his information as well? (in Forms). If we do, is it ok if he don't come to the interview at all? Will her marriage be questioned? 2. Is...
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    2012 winner relationship status help

    A friend of mine just won dv 2012. She is recently married, after filling the forms. I don't think there is a problem but she is freaking out about it so: 1. Can she stay married and fill her husbands info but ok to go to interview without him? In other words, would they demand him to come to...
  9. J

    Visa Bulletin for August 2011

    Thanks dude. So, must he wait for the second letter to come from KCC? How can he go to interview?
  10. J

    Visa Bulletin for August 2011

    what does current mean? What does current mean? I have a friend whose id is above 80xxx. Does he stand a chance at all now that it is current?
  11. J

    No e-mail from KCC means disqualification?

    this email is not about qualification or not. as long as the email field was optional during entry, i dont think this is what it is about.
  12. J

    Bieng selected in erro is not a right

    KCC and the US are so generous to give people this chance. They are not angels so are exposed to errors just like us. They should be praised for admittin their errors and deciding to fix it. Thats so noble of them. Give them a chance. If the once who were told as winners are meant to be winners...
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    People who were selected for DV 2012 (IMPORTANT)

    petition? Seriously?
  14. J

    It's official - 2012 invalidated.. redraw

    i can understand the feeling of the ones who were told they won but it wasn't fair. I wish you all to be selected again and continue to be rejoiced but complaining to KCC etc will not do good at all. KCC have the power...what if they decide to stop this DV lottery altogether? I really admire...
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    It's official - 2012 invalidated.. redraw

    guys, error happens. i am a programmer by profession and errors do happen. its part of any job. you are lucky the error is found, KCC admitted its mistakes and is calling for a fair redraw once again. God be with you all and keep on hoping.
  16. J

    Dv 2012- eritreans/ethipoians in the usa...

    hey..u r eritrean!? thats awesome...barely met anyhere. i got experience btw..
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    Bulletin Cut Off numbers and its meaning?

    Hi, I am trying to explain to this dude about the meaning of visa bulletin posted on yet i can't cross his mind. Say, for June 2011, for Africa the cut off number is 49300. What does it mean? How does it relate to a case number such as this 68251 (last find digits randomly...
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    Dv2011 - filling form dsp-122 field rank order number

    Hi, I didn't get a notification letter but i checked on for dv 2011 and i won. I contacted KCC and i was told the case number or bar code sheet of paper is not important though they said my application will be checked and confirmed once i sent back all the forms to...
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    Can A Native US citizen sponsor a refugee

    no. they are friends met online.