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    A warrant was issued for false statement at DMV.FELONY

    Hi!I got arrested for false statement at the GA DMV.The false statement crime happened in 2008 and they caught it when I tried to renew my licence.This is considered a felnoy in GA.The investigator who interviewed my lawyer and myself said she found out that I had checked the box saying the I...
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    Is this the GC extention letter?

    I recieved this letter in an email after I requested that I get the letter that I never recieved.I did the Biometric 2 weeks ago, and I need the GC extension letter for DMV.Is this the GC extention letter? On June 3, 2011, we sent you a notice of receipt for the Petition to Remove...
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    My anniversary is coming up for the renwal.What docs?

    My anniversary is up in June of this year.I do understand I will need to renew 90 days prior since I have a 1 year card.What doc will I need?I do understand it will be the same as the initail filing like Tax docs and joint utility bills. What about references and how do I go about getting them?
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    I recieved my green card in July of 2009, do I have to work with it by the time I renew for the 10yr

    My renewal comes up 90 days before July 2010 and some are saying I must work with the green card I have been issued becasue they would take it away upon renewing for the 10 yr card.Is this true?I am currently going to school and the wife is taking care of the babies.Do I have to show pay stubs...
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    Did my status change since they made changes to the USCIS website?

    I havn't logged on the site at USCIS in about 9 months.I recieved the physical Green card in July 09.My status on their site says POST DECISION ACTIVITY. is this normal? Can I change our addresse on the site or do I have to fill out the AR11 form or do I have to call cust. service.
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    Removing conditions

    We have been married since april 19th 2007.We started the application process in feb 2008.I had problems in getting proof of birth.I got a lawyer who was able to help me in obtaining it.The Green Card came in the mail on june 16th of this year.It was a 2 year conditional/temp.He said it should...
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    will I need docs during interview foe pregnancy?

    We have been married for 2 yrs and I filed for the 130 and 485 a year ago.They requested proof of birth from my country since I didn't have a birth cert.After getting a lawyer who sent in proof/sworn affidavit from my country for proof of birth, they requested I go do my medical.They have...
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    I married the wrong american

    Hold on for a long story: I entered the US on a diplomatic visa(I-94) or the child of a diplomat in 1986 when I was 14 and then later changed to an f-1 visa in 1992.I lived with my wife for 3/12yrs before we got married.We have been married for the past 18 months. All through out the...