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    H1 extension approval delay beyond 240 days

    7th year extension - 240 days since expiration date Hi All, I had filed for my 7th year extension based on a pending labor cert, but the application is currently stuck in background check. Meanwhile my 240 days limit since i-94 expiry is fast approeching. Is there a workaround to continue...
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    EAD Renewal time gap and S-Corporation

    have a question about EAD renewal time gap and S-corporation. My wife’s EAD expired on 03/27/06. We had filed for her EAD renewal on 01/10/06 and the application is pending/processed. When her EAD was valid, we had opened an S-corporation and she is the President of that company. She hasn’t used...
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    Philadelphia Regional DOL Tracker - Old (Archived on 09/23/2004)

    DSL, On what basis is your employer saying that? 6-7 months is highly improbable , I think , given the fact that the dates have not moved at all in the last 6-7 months. As Spidey said , you are looking at , at least , 1.5 years.
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    Philadelphia Regional DOL Tracker - Old (Archived on 09/23/2004)

    Hey How_long, is Your case in RIR or non RIR? I am also in the August group. Looks like Philly DOL guys are all on vacation or something.
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    Philadelphia Regional DOL Tracker - Old (Archived on 09/23/2004)

    Hi Folks, My Labor Cert was filed from Pittsburgh and has been sitting in Philly DOL since Aug 2003. It is EB3 Non RIR. Anybody know , if the backlog reduction centers , whenever they start working, will cater to Non RIR as well as RIR , or are they just for RIR? Thanks
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    landing experience

    Hi All, I would be landing in Canada next weekend. I had a few questions. 1. I am coming back to the US , next day itself. Would I require to submit my I-94 to the Airline or to either of the immigration folks? 2. Do I need to apply for a SIN Card at this stage , or can I do it later ...