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    H4 COrporation

    i was on H4 now i have a EAD can i open a corporation and buy a franchise
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    I am school teacher and my case under eb3. any teacher get approval of green card
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    Any teacher get a green card approval
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    Real Canadian

    I am born cadian teacher and i file my LC Nov 04 with Eb 3 and also my I 140 is also approved so when i can file I 485 and when my spouse able to work
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    Eb3 I 485

    All eb3 post their Knowlege I am born canadian citizan with eb 3 Lc Nov 04 I140 AP Aug 06 I485 ?
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    Candian Citizan

    I am Canadian citizan and my i 140 approved in EB 3 and how long takes to file I 485
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    For Canadian in USA h1b

    My labor certification is approved EB3 so how far i am from green card