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    2 questions about marriage (i 485 and I130)

    Hello, I just got married overseas and I have a couple questions. 1. Can I file for I-130 and I-485 in my native country? I ask this because I wish to live here for the next 4 months or so. So ideally, I wish to file for I485 and I130 and kill some time instead of wait until I return back...
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    Income Requirement for Sponsoring spouse

    I have a question about income requirement. How many years of income does a Citizen need to provide to sponsor his/her spouse? Also, what is the actual figure that one needs to have earned to sponsor his/her spouse? Say, a US citizen only earned 10k in 2014, how should s/he go about sponsoring...
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    Finger Print notice not received

    Hello, A colleague's mother applied for her reentry permit towards the end of December and she still hasn't received her finger print notice. She is scheduled to leave the country on Jan 30th and she's panicking about the option she has. Can anybody be kind enough to suggest what can be...
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    Question about yellow letter

    Hello, I'm currently waiting for my interview date and I'm a tad confused. At the end of July, my case status changed (received text and email) to "placed in line for interview" and less than a week later, it changed to "was scheduled for interview". 10 days on, and instead of interview...
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    Travel oversees with pending application

    Hello, Is there a rule that prevents us or forces us to take additional steps if a US citizenship applicant decides to travel abroad while his/her application is pending? I understand that an applicant is advised against traveling not to miss fingerprints, interviews, and oath ceremony but...
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    June 2014 - Citizenship tracker

    Just sent in my application (overnight) to Phoenix today. Is there anybody that has sent it recently?
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    Question about residency

    Hello, I asked this in another forum but didn't get any response. Hope this forum will help me get an answer. I moved to a different state last year for contract job. I didn't change my address with the USCIS or the DMV but only at the USPS. After 8 weeks, I had to go abroad. Before going...
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    Question about residency

    Hello, I moved to a different state last year for contract job. I didn't change my address with the USCIS or the DMV but only at the USPS. After 8 weeks, I had to go abroad. Before going abroad, I changed the address to my old address (different state). After I returned back to the US, I...
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    Is the lawyer trying to dupe "me"?

    Hello, One of my aunts is visiting his native country and recently, she received her GC approval notice (based on her son's citizenship). Now her lawyer is asking about 1500 for "affidavit of support fee, attorney fee, and immigrant visa fee" because since my aunt is visiting her native...
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    Tax return - 5 years and Selective Services

    Folks, How do I obtain my tax filing records of the past 5 years? I don't even have it for last year! Also, where do I get the proof of having registered for Selective Service? Thank you in advance.
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    RTD vs RP

    My brother just received notification about approval of GC and he wishes to apply for RTD or RP. Is it true that he can apply for either with the receipt of his GC?
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    Wait Period before filing for Citizenship

    Hello, Picture this scenario. An application is eligible to apply for Citizenship in May (4 and 9 months). She returns back from a trip abroad (4 months) in April. Can she still remain eligible to apply for it?
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    Name Change request and travel during the application process

    Hello all, I'm eligible to apply for US Citizenship in July (4 yrs and 9 months) and I had a few questions about it. First off, how does name change request work? Will it delay my process? Also, after I've sent in all the documents for naturalization, can I travel outside the country...
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    Question about AP.

    Hello everyone, Currently, my mother is visiting the COP (She is a derivative asylee/GC holder) and since she's receiving 'better' healthcare/treatment for her issues, she might stay home for 7-9 months. As such, we've thought about applying for AP which, I believe will allow her to live her...
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    RTD vs RP

    Hello, I'm a derivative asylee and since I still have about 1 and 1/2 yrs before I can apply for my citizenship, I'm wondering if I should apply for RTD or RP. My passport has already expired and I don't wanna risk my citizenship application by renewing it. Can someone enlighten me about the...
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    Living outside the US/Re-entry permit

    Hello, I had a couple questions. 1. How long can a permanent resident stay outside the US? 2. Can you apply for reentry permit once you're outside the country? Thing is, my mother's currently visiting her native country and due to her illness, the doctors have advised that she didn't...
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    Fee waiver and SSI for GC application

    What document does a person receiving SSI benefits need to present while applying for fee waiver while applying for GC? How should one go about it? Any tips? Thank you kindly. Miss Chang
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    Asylum filing eligibility

    Here's the scenario. Sister lives in Fremont, CA. Brother lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They wanna file for asylum together from CA. Does the brother need to move to CA? He goes to school in Colorado and is almost done (senior year), so he can't really transfer at this moment.
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    GC Application

    Hello, One of my friends has had his GC application pending for almost 5 years and he's really starting to get fed up. What should he do? He's already made several phone calls to USCIS. Please help someone (He lives in Berkeley, CA).
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    Medical Assistance for mother

    Hello all, I live in the State of California and I was wondering if there was a really convenient method of making doctor appointments for my diabetic mother's checkup. Please note that she's a derivative asylee.