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    Sample Letters from Clients and Employer for H1 visa Stamping

    Hello Folks - Please upload sample letters that you have taken from your end clients and/or employers when you attended for H1B Visa. Can you also please give your opinion on what the letter should express in it? Thanks! SK
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    Is H1 approval document needed

    I tried to request H1 document from my employer but was told that it is employers property and there is no obligation for them to give it to me. I want to change this company so wanted to know if I need the H1 approval form from them for H1 transfer and/or for future needs (this is my first H1)
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    Which TAX form should be used during OPT to H1

    I was in OPT till Sep 30 2004 and changes my status to H1 starting OCT 1st 2004. So for the year 2004 which IRS TAX form should I use? I heard few people say should do 1040NR and few say 1040. Please share if anyone has any information. Thanks, SK
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    H1 Transferring

    Here is the situation - 1.I am currently working with company A on their H1. 2.Planning to join company B and B is ready to initiate H1 transfer Question 1. Can I work with company A even though my H1 transfer has been approved by USCIS(INS) if needed, without ever starting to work for...
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    Minimum Prevailing Wage in CA - Los Angeles

    Can anyone please tell me what is the current prevailing minimum wage for 'Software Analyst" in Los Angeles County, California?
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    Transfering H1 before starting

    Currently my H1 petition is under process. A new company is offering me a full time position from OCT so can I transfer my H1 once approved to the new company or should I apply a new one?
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    Coming to US in B2 while H1 is in Process

    I applied to H1 thru a company (i was out side of US) and while it is still under process I came to US using my B2 visa (valid for 10 years) and have a question regarding this Can I start working in US from the date the H1 starts or should I first get stamped?
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    Working in Different Place from where LC is obtained

    My company is in NJ and they file H1 from that state for all. I got project in Florida and am working there. Will there be any problem when I go to H1B stamping with pay checks addressed to Florida while my LC was from NJ? I guess this is the way for most of us working as consultants. Can this...
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    F1 to H1 Cap Issue

    Hello Rajiv, I am right now in F-1 status and my OPT expires on 5 july 2004. I have recently got a job (Mar 4) by which the H1 quota was over. so, I was unable to apply for H1. So I Have couple of questions w.r.t this situation : 1) If I apply for my H-1 in first week of april...
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    F1 to H1

    Q. What if OPT expires before H1 starts? This is a concern which lot of F1 students have. Is there any grace period? Can the 60 day grace period (which F1 students have from the date of OPT expiration) be used to overcome this gap? Thanks