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    Canada Visit

    Hi All, We are planning to visit Canada sometime next month. We have a US LPR (since 2007) and my daugher is US Citizen. I have Canada PR, which i got in July 2004 prior to US LPR and my Canada PR got expired last month. So, my question is 1) Can i travel on US LPR now? While entering...
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    Returning to India

    Gurus, What would be best thing if returning to India by keeping the status secured in US? I got GC 2 yrs back. Now, we are thinking of going back to India afer 2 yrs or so. Or is it better do that after becoming US citizen? What are the pros and cons if returning to India on GC and US...
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    H1B and 2 jobs?

    Hi All, One of my friend has been working for X company on H1B and got a EAD (both I-140 and I485 pending) as well but is working on H1B. However, his vendor Y company provided the some conveyance money towards his travel. But he was not having the H1B for Y company. He received the W2...
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    Hi Gurus, I got GC last yr from sponsoring company 'A' and still working for the same company. But i came to know that some of the H1's was rejected by USCIS for our company. My question is does it effect me in future or for citizenship or so ? Thanks
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    Question on W2 and 1099

    Hi Gurus, I just want to know if one can work W2 and 1099 for the same company for the same yr? Is it possible? I know a person can work on W2 for company A and on 1099 for company B for same yr. Pls reply. Thanks
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    Address change form AR 11 form after GC?

    Hi Gurus, I moved to different city in same state and i have GC now. My question is do we send out the AR 11 (Address update) to USCIS? Please let me know. Thanks
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    Hi Gurus, I have a question. As one of my friend's got picked by INS recently due to voilation of not attending the court about his rejected application (css lulac case). Now, his attorney is filed the MTR and trying to get the court date. So, my friend is being sent to County jail...
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    Visiting Canada

    Gurus, We are thinking of driving to Montreal, Canada and we got the GC recently. I have some questions. 1) How do i enter the Montreal, Canada POE (me driving from NY) through land via Detroit/Windsor or Port Huron/Sarnia ? 2) I have the I-94 attached. Where do i surrender the I-94...
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    Approved! Done!

    Hi All, Finally, i am done and relieved as well. I have received the "welcome mail" on 07/07. Well, i almost lost the hope after the July Visa bulletin update....but by god's grace i am through this time. I don't know what triggered my approval either SR or Congressman's inquiry or...
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    Potential EB Visa Number Exhaution in July and Probable Actions of State Department o

    06/30/2007: Potential EB Visa Number Exhaution in July and Probable Actions of State Department or USCIS By now, people understand that the sources of potential action by the State Department or USCIS are predicated on the two important facts. One was the information from a government source...
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    Please post new approvals here 06/28

    Lets the approvals keep coming from NSC today 06/28.
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    Any approvals today 06/27

    Please post any approvals for today 06/27
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    Talked to i/o NSC

    Gurus, I called up today NSC and i/o said that my case is assigned to officer and in review. She said it could take from 60 to 90 days to make a decision. I have got the same response when i called last week as well. I am not sure what is going on? Is there something to worry or...
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    Talked to NSC today

    Gurus, I have called up NSC and she said they have 18,000 applications became current since this month June. I had asked her about my application and she said that my case is assigned to an officer and you should hear in 60 - 90 days. I had asked her if everything looks ok with my application...
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    Infopass experience

    Guys, I had an infopass appointment today to find out my case status. the IO said there are no visa numbers available for employment based and visa numbers were over/completed yesterday and the new visa numbers would be available in Oct. 2007. I told her that my PD became current in June 2007...
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    All EB current but no approvals?

    I thought NSC was waiting for July bulletin for PD dates to retrogress. But DOS released the July bulletin with all EB's becomes current, which is not favourable to the NSC. I hope atleast they should approving the I-485 pending/pre-adjudicated cases.
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    Preadjudicated cases

    I am suprised why approvals are not pouring in at NSC? If you remember, last year 2006, RFE's were poured to lot of I-485 pending cases and termed it as pre-adjudication for pending cases. I think they had batch program or something, which detected and generated lots of RFE's to many pending...
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    Tracker for 2003 PD approvals

    It seems like NSC still approving many cases for 2001 & 2002 PD EB 3 India. But TSC started approving cases for 2003 PD India. May be NSC is processing based on PD and RD.
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    Why NSC is slow with approvals?

    TSC is flooded with approvals. But NSC is still sleeping.