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    July 23, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna, Recording Available

    Dear Rajiv, Thanks for all the help. Is it fine to travel frequently to Canada or Mexico for work related trips after getting green card? I work for a company in US which wants me to stay in Canada/Mexico for 2 weeks every month and then come back to base location in US for next 6-8 months. Will...
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    EB-5 Visa Safest and Most Secure Visa Option

    Please send me information on EB5? thanks
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    Reliable EB-5 Regional Center; Alternative for OPT, CPT, H1-B to stay in the U.S.

    Hello, Please send information on EB5 green card option. Thanks,
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    April 16, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna, Recording Available

    Dear Mr. Rajiv, Thanks for all the help as always. "I Entered US on Immigrant visa ( Via Green card process Employment category) in July-2014. My passport was stamped at Airport and Visa packet was handed over to immigration officer. They asked me to sign and fill a form for actual physical...
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    Video Recording for US Immigration related Community Conference Call, October 02

    Dear Rajiv ji, I and my wife got Immigrant visa(I551 stamped on passport) recently based on Employment category using Consular processing(Validity of 6 months). My wife is pregnant and may have to delay arrival into US untill baby is born in India which may be well close to immigrant visa expiry...
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    Recording available for download for Oct 20 Conference Call

    GC - EB2 I140 approved and H1b visa rejected Hello Rajiv, Hope you are doing good. I have previously asked you query on my H1b visa rejection at US consulate in india. My visa has been rejected 2 times and i dont see any option of getting H1b visa stamping anytime soon.(no reason for...
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    Recording available for download for June 16 Conference Call

    H1b visa extension stamping denied-221g- possible visa revocation and next steps Hello Mr. Khanna and entire team, My sincere thanks for helping thousands of members with immigration issues, "I have been in USA on H1b visa working for same company for last 5 years and multiple clients.My...
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    Experience letter date does not match with Labor Certification

    My I-140 was returned due to experience letter start date not matching with Start date (for old company) filled in Labor certification.Is there a way to correct Labor certification experience start date as Experience letter has correct dates and labor form has incorrect dates by mistake. Thank...