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    Field Office Closing Information

    Hi, Regarding to "" All ASC will be closed from Saturday, Jan 15, 2005 to Monday, Jan 17, 2005 for Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Don't go ASC during this weekend. - KIH
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    How can I get my Kid's FP notice?

    Hi friends, My daughter's online status message is below, Your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status was received on January 28, 2003. We mailed you a receipt with information about processing. It is taking between 365 and 540 days for us to process this kind...
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    PP stamping @ Boston

    I went to JFK building for PP stamping on 06/25/2004. 06:22 Joined the end of line outside of building. There were already 40 people in the line. 07:00 Entered into building. Security checked. 07:10 I-89 done. Index finger printed and signed on both side...
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    Child's case

    My daughter was born on February 24, 1989. When we file up her I485 on December 30, 2002, my daughter was under 14. There was no Finger Print notice for my daughter. Now she is over 15. Do I have to do anything for my daughter? I will appreciate you if you shed a light for me. Thanks - KIH
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    Approved by online message

    My wife and my I485 cases have been approved on June 15, 2004, but my daughter's case has not been approved yet. Thanks all of you and who provide this site. My Last updated date was changed by June 9, 2004, and it was changed today, June 16, 2004 again. No RFE and No 2nd FP for us...
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    2nd EAD approved in on-line

    Hi, My wife's and my 2nd EAD have been approved. ND: 12/03/2003 EAC040435XXXX AD: 02/19/2004 Good luck to everyone. - KIH
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    An EB2 Case Approved

    Hi everyone, My case is approved. Category: EB2 ND: Jan/28/2003 filing with I-485, EAD and AP AD: Nov/17/2003 Good Luck everyone.