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    Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

    Hi Thanks to spidey and congrats wantedgcwanted. Spidey, My Pd date is 03/06/2002.. I talked to my attonrey and he said there should not be a any problem at POE as now e both have GC card. Thanks and good luck to you.
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    Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

    Recd Plastic Cards Hi All, I recd plastic cards for me and my spouse yesterday.Please see signature for the details.Currently my spouse is in India. I am planning to go and come back with her in mid of July. Can she use the approvaed card at the port of entry? or she has to show the AP and 485...
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    Hi Friends, I am very very happy to inform you all that we received the approval e-mails on 04/21/2006. The message says, " The following is the latest information on your case status Receipt Number: EACXXXXXXXXX Application Type: I485 , Application to Register Permanent Residence or...
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    I-485 Approved

    congrats Hi eckris1, Congrats.Enjoy the freedom..
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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    My 2 cents If you believe your employer is clean and did not violate anything on labour subsitution rules while submitting your application, you should be okay. I know some of my friends also got GC through Substitution labour. Because of the recent fraud cases, they might closely look at the...
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    Green Card Received!

    Priority Date Transfer hi, visit web site 's Advanced q& A sections. here is the extract from one Q. Hope it gives and idea to you. Q-74 (04-15-2006): I had a pending RIR (EB-3) labor certification with priority date of October 2004. In November 2005, I filed PERM...
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    I-485 Approved

    Congratulations Srikanth..Please Provide Your PD RD details.
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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    congrats mywifelaborpain Is it VSC?
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    485 approved !!

    congrats snooeyshelby Hi snooeyshelby Congrats.. Thanks for your tip for calling VSC.I caled just now and talked to to a nice lady.She asked me about EAC #, whether my I140 is apporved or not . I saisd yes and she further asked for my I140 Receipt number and finally she came told that...
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    Finally Approved !!!!!!!

    Congrats minimy minimy Congrats.. My PD is same as yours.I Hope soemthing good happens this month from VSC.. :)
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    Finally Approved !!!!!!!

    Congrats Congrats sr_srikanth.. Good to see approvals from VSC..Are you Eb2?
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    Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

    congrats Amagilaj Amagilaj, Congrats. Hope to see more approvals this month.
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    I-485 Finally Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrts Krish11 Congrats Krish. Looks like VSC guys are back from vacation :). Hope to see more approvals in coming weeks.
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    I-485 approved after 4yrs 7 months

    Congrats vigyanik Congrats on your approval. My PD becomes current next month.Hope to see some progress.(X)
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    EB2 Only Tracker: Nov 99 or older To March 02

    Here is my status 1999 CASES------------------------------------------------------------ 2000 CASES----------------------------------------------------------- EB2: PD 2000: 140/485/EAD/AP AD 09/27/05: RD 10/24/05, PA, India - a_vind EB2: PD June: I-140 approved on August 2005; I-485...
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    I got a LUD 11/03/2005. Is there a mass LUD going on?

    LUD changed Today. Hi, LUDs Changed for my wife and myself.Do not know why.
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    Updates:Did you file your 140&485 before Sept 30th 2005 retro deadline?

    AP Approved Today Hi Folks, Spouse and Mine APs got approved today. -S
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    Updates:Did you file your 140&485 before Sept 30th 2005 retro deadline?

    My employer is from Atlanta,GA First Thanks to VJ2004. Hi, My employer is from Atlanta,GA.My H1B was processed through TSC.My I140 was approved from the same center (TSC). Since I live in NJ, My attorney filed my I485 Petition to VSC since My I140 was approved before filing I485.I came to...