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    GC Plastic Card Tracker

    Card Received My daughter received her card today. Her case is over 14 year old one during pending. I hope everybody get approval soon. Good luck. - KIH
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    VSC 2003 by sampling scanning

    Congratulations! nemessis, Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to all of us. Your scanning results were the lights in the long dark tunnel. I hope your wife also approve soon. All the best. - KIH
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    Sep 2003 file....How to get FP1 notice?

    venkat04 I had the same problem for my daughter's case. I think you need to talk with a supervisor at VSC. I called VSC several times, but almost all of calls were useless. After talking with a supervisor around late December 2004, FP notice was mailed to my daughter on January 2005...
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    Atlast Finally I485 Approved for Needhelp1!

    Congratulations! needhelp1, It is great to hear your approval. Happy your life. All the best. - KIH
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    Response from USCIS on I-485 inquiry

    AR-11 again for kid over the age of 14 Hi, Do I have to send AR-11 again after my kid become over 14 year old? Today I got a response from USCIS for inquiry which was requested on 03/03/2005. It said "... allow 90 days to hear from this office." and "... send AR-11 if you have not...
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    Finger Printing Status not updated

    deepakanu, You are the best. Thank you for your quick response. - KIH
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    Finger Printing Status not updated

    tsramkumar and deepakanu, Congratulations! I have 2 questions. Do you have USCIS accounts to receive Email? If you do, do you have received Email for the change of status from USCIS? Thanks for advances. - KIH
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    TBskin test vs Chest X ray

    Skin Test is obligation Kcr, If the result of skin test is positive, you should take chest X-ray. I know it is always positive for those who have taken vaccine shot before, but most of American don't understand it. The doctor told me blood test was for AIDS test. Anyway, how your attorney...
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    I-485 online message after finger print

    Thank you JLCF485 Could you post which ASC you did FP and what your status message is now? - KIH
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    I-485 online message after finger print

    Thank you, waitfor140 I am not sure the meaning of your LUD, but I can guess it by many people's postings here and my case. My guessing is below, After your finger print in October 2004, your security check(name and FP) have been done on Dec. 10, 2004. Your case is waiting for assignment to...
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    I-485 online message after finger print

    waitfor140 How about your LUD after FP? Your LUD also not changed like status message? Thanks for your advance. - KIH
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    I-485 online message after finger print

    Thank you, Friends 2 years ago, my wife's and my status messages were changed after FP. My daughter took finger print last Saturday, 01/22/2005. I am expecting to get email from USCIS, but I learn it is wrong. Thanks again - KIH
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    "Resident Since" on Plastic Card?

    Thank you, srk77 srk77, I will contact my lawyer again to correct Resident Since date for my wife. I appreciate you. - KIH
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    "Resident Since" on Plastic Card?

    Probability IFiledOct2002 and srk77, What is the probability of all wives' resident since are Priority date and husbands' resident since are Approval date as typo among the our 6 cases? Thank you for your advance. - KIH
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    "Resident Since" on Plastic Card?

    srk77 We are on the same page. Resident Since on my wife's card : 11/01/2001 <-- My PD of Labor But, Resident Since on my card : 06/15/2004 <-- My I485 AD I checked my wife and my passport stamp. My wife's stamp also shows Resident Since 11/01/2001 whereas mine says 06/15/2004. Did...
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    dependent, how long

    My Daughter's Case My daughter was turned over 14 year old during AOS. My wife and I got GC whereas there was no progress in my daughter's case until Jan. 6, 2005. On Jan. 6, 2005, my daughter's 1st FP notice was received. It is scheduled on Jan. 26, 2005. If anything is changed, I will...
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    Field Office Closing Information

    Hi, Regarding to "" All ASC will be closed from Saturday, Jan 15, 2005 to Monday, Jan 17, 2005 for Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Don't go ASC during this weekend. - KIH
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    Status Inquiry again?

    Hi friends, I did it for my kid. 1st inquery on 09/21/2004 - NCSC. 2nd inquery on 12/23/2004 - VSC. 3rd inquery on 01/05/2005 - VSC. 1st inquery was useless. I think 2nd inquery was working becasue FP notice was issued on 12/29/2004. Wish to good luck. - KIH
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    Approval email timing !!!

    And ... I remember when I changed my password requested by USCIS, they send me a confirm email for new password. - KIH
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    Approval email timing !!!

    nycindia I got approve emails[it was 4 emails, 2 for me and 2 for wife] on 10AM EST. My CO email was received around 11AM. My CM was Saturday, but the email was sent on Monday. My wife's CO email was reached at 10:40PM. I watched several posts for this issue. I think it is very variable...