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    A silly question

    So far no one has answered my question: Do I need for file Affidavit of Support?
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    A silly question

    but do I need to send Affidavit of Support????
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    A silly question

    Come on guys. someone can answer
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    A silly question

    I am sure this question must have been asked many times but I can't find the answer. I am in the process of filing I-130 for my sister. What documents do I need to send. I am planning to send following I-130 My Birthcertificate(copy) Sister's Birth Certificate(copy) My US Passport copy...
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    Some questions regarding GC for parents.

    Thanks. Any idea how long would it take to get the GC for the parents/
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    Some questions regarding GC for parents.

    I am a US citizen. I want to file GC application for my parents (India). I have a few questions 1. My parents don't have birth certificate or marriage certificate. They were born before 1950 in Kashmir and they don't live there anymore. So, they won't be able to get Non-Availability certificate...
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    My Citizenship experience - Related to Alien file not received and infopass
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    Interesting Read
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    My First Trip with US passport

    How would checking a trunk help detecting fake cases? I don't understand what you are saying.... I am assuming since he scanned my passport he must have seen my whole information including the naturalization records....but they must have always been doing that...
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    My First Trip with US passport

    What???This happened when you were traveling with US passport???? How can they do that??? They can not fingerprint a US citizen unless you are a criminal? I can't believe that!
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    My First Trip with US passport

    I made a trip over the weekend to car... I was there for less than 24 hrs.. While coming back at the US side, the immigration guy asked a lot of questions like where did you stay and so on...He also asked me to pop up my trunk ( i did not come out of the car). He checked the...
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    strange paranoia

    Call me paranoid but lately I am getting a little concerned... I received my US passport in Jan and since then I haven't traveled and therefore never used the passport...I have to travel in Apr....Just to be 100% sure I want to make sure my passport has no mistakes...especially the electronic...
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    U.S. Military Will Offer Path to Citizenship

    Hindi and Tamil???? What are you talking about...Why would they need Hindi language speakers? I can understand Arabic and other ME languages but Hindi? Come one now.
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    question about greencard renewal

    Why doesn't she apply for citizenship and get it done once and for all.
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    Indian VISA

    I live in NY . What is the process of getting Indian visa? Is sending application by mail safe?
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    Received Oath letter after completing Citizenship - Help

    Congrats!!! Now we know that all the theories were wrong.
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    N-400 application 3yr vs 5Yr : Differences

    I don't think there is any difference. I got mine based on 3 yr marriage and it was about the same time that it takes 5 yr based case.
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    You should go to oath ceremony and explain it to the IO there. Since this is not a major violation (like DUI) it won't have any effect on your citizenship but don't hide it. Note: This is not a legal advice .