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    Does 4 year and 1 day rule apply?

    TL;DR: SO got GC 6 years ago. Lived abroad for 2 years earlier in this period with REP & many trips to US, so no stay outside for more than 1 year (but 2 stays 180+ days). Wondering about eligibility using 4 yr and 1 day rule. Very short vacation trips abroad in the past 3.5+ years and...
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    I am an LPR and have a valid re-entry permit for 2 years. The plan was to return by that time frame, as we had personal family related activities that we needed to during this time in our home country. However, I will be 7+ months pregnant when the REP expires and would prefer to not to travel...