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    Walk-in Finger Printing at Norfolk, VA

    Does anyone has recent experience with Walk-in Finger printing at Norfolk, VA office? I am planning to go there in next couple of days, but want to make sure if they accept walk-in or not.
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    Finally I also got magic emails

    Finally.... After seeing so many approval in this forum, I finally got those magics for my approval too at 2:53 on July 12. Hope rest of all the transfer case will be approved soon. *** DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL *** The last processing action taken on your case Receipt Number...
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    Should I file AC21 now?

    I changed my employer almost a year ago after my I-140 was approved and I-485 was pending for more then 180 days, but I never filed AC21. I was adviced that I should not file AC21 till I get RFE or something. Now I moved to different place and I have to file AR-11 for address change and it...
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    Can I work at two place with EAD

    I got my EAD approved and 180 days has passed since 485 notice date, I have got another very good opportunity. Can I work at both the places without telling any of them that I am working at two places? Is there any legal problem? I know there is no problem with part time job, but what if both...