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    N-470 -- international transfer with US Organization

    I realize that. But it wont be the first or last time LPRs move abroad for a temporary stint. I have done this myself while fully intending to not abandon my permanent residence (mine was for family reasons, but needed employment abroad to pay bills). I consulted a lawyer and applied for a...
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    N-470 -- international transfer with US Organization

    It is hard to maintain continuous residence with employment abroad, even if you meet physical presence when you eventually apply for naturalization. In your place, I would definitely apply for a re-entry permit (safer at POE) AND make frequent visits to the US (Amsterdam to NY shouldn't be that...
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    N600 or N600K ? Child abroad but was a derived Citizen when he was in US

    OP, the only issue here is that the cost to file N-600/K keeps going up. So in 5 years when your son's passport comes up for renewal again you will be dealing with the same hassle. I feel that the sooner you get coc the better for your wallet. I dont get why it doesnt cost the same as the N-400...
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    B2 visa question on supporting documents

    For interview waiver no supporting docs are needed. Only the following: DS-160 confirmation Interview waiver confirmation letter which includes payment receipt # All passports, especially the one containing old visa, if any Photograph You actually dont send the passport/documents anywhere. You...
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    N400 filing - travel dates - proof - Canada trip and Canada entry date not stamped in passport

    There are a few other types of proof you can keep handy if you are so inclined. This is optional - but I actually derive enjoyment from tasks like this! In fact, I had to collect this info to present to a US embassy when my Green card, passport, boarding pass stubs (& other items) were stolen...
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    When I can apply after I broke continuous residence?

    You can apply 3 months before 3 years from when you established residence. August 19, but I'd give it a couple of weeks to account for any math errors.
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    Re-entry permit Form I-131

    Yes, my SO traveled back and forth to the US while still having a re-entry permit. I think he produced it at times and for some trips wasn't asked/stamped on the REP. We also had our REPs mailed to a friend since we were on vacation and picked it up later.
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    GC holder has been out of US for 18 months. Apply for SB-1 visa or not?

    Do you qualify for SB-1 visa? I read that it is given for those who stay long for reasons beyond their control, such as medical. If you get denied then I know some people who have been admitted after 1+ year stays outside the country, but I suppose it greatly depends on the IO and their day. If...
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    Move abroad while in Naturalization Process

    Definitely better to stay in the US and postpone your moving plans. During your interview you'll have to provide details of your trips and where you stayed during those trips. It will become clear to any IO that you have intent to live abroad, which may be lead to denial on grounds of lack of...
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    so disappointed

    They are most likely to consider travel history from last 5 years. Since you have short absences each year <=91 days, you should be OK. Overall, timelines are slow now. You dont need a job to renew your GC, so that is an unrelated matter.
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    Yes, the tax question in N400 is blanket - have you ever not filed federal, state and local taxes...something like that. While my answer for federal is always yes, that's not the case for state. I assume that would be the case for anyone with long trips (no in state income or residence). I plan...
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    @worldtraveler1230 Good luck with your application! Did you also file state taxes during your long absence from the US? I have a similar story - long absence abroad with re-entry permit that ended 4 years ago. Filed federal taxes as US resident, but did not file state taxes. So I will be...
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    Does 4 year and 1 day rule apply?

    TL;DR: SO got GC 6 years ago. Lived abroad for 2 years earlier in this period with REP & many trips to US, so no stay outside for more than 1 year (but 2 stays 180+ days). Wondering about eligibility using 4 yr and 1 day rule. Very short vacation trips abroad in the past 3.5+ years and...
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    How long before I start contacting USCIS - Interview scheduling taking 4.5mths

    Good to hear! Look forward to your update. Are you applying using 4 yr and 1 day rule? If yes, are you indicating that on your application form?
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    How long before I start contacting USCIS - Interview scheduling taking 4.5mths

    I noticed that you may have applied using the four year one day rule...I am following this thread since I may end up doing that in 2018 too. Good luck with your application, hope you'll update when your interview is scheduled (hopefully very soon).
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    I was at the POE with my baby born outside the US and the process was pretty smooth. Immigration officer asked me how long I was away and since it was over 6 months, he asked why that long - I said it was for my delivery. He then sent me to the 2nd immigration room. No questions were asked at...
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    This is the OP and I am about to make the trip back to the US with my 4-month old baby. Just wanted to I have to pay any fees at the POE for baby's GC? If yes, what form of payment works? Anyone with experience, thanks for your time.
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    That's correct, Jackolantern. I am aware that I need to return with the baby (should be my first visit after baby's birth and I do plan to return before baby turns 1 - my baby is only due early next year). I will be applying for instant LPR status at POE for baby. I'll be back with an update...
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    One more info I forgot to add (OP here) - I am entering the US after 17 months abroad and its my second entry to the US after getting my REP.
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    May need to return to US after re-entry permit expires due to pregnancy

    This is the original poster and thought I'd write back with an update on my situation (read my OP for more info). I did visit the US before my re-entry permit (about to expire in 2 months) with my spouse whose REP is also going to expire soon. The re-entry at POE was very smooth. The...