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    automatic citizenship for Children

    I went to the court today and get a court order with name change that match the GC and everything else. I sent the certified court order to the DOS to be delivered 12 days before travel. I will upgrade to expedited service and see what will happen.
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    In our country, the name of a person is his name followed by father's name, first grandfather's name, second grandfathers's and so on. My name is MMED. My son's name in his birth certificate is MMM (the chain ended at the first grandfather) my daughter name is MMME (ended at the second...
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    We received my son's (13 years old) passport. Request of evidence for my daughter saying to send either court order with her name change (because her last name in birth certificate is different from that in GC) OR at least 3 original or certified public records as school, medical, insurance or...
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    I apply for routine. How long it takes to receive the GCs back? The representative said I can pay $72.85 for each application to change it to expedited. Is this safer or withdrawal is faster?
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    I applied for passports for my daughter (17 years) and my son (13 years). After 3 weeks, official birth certificates with translation from official translation service or governmental office have been requested. I did submit originals for the birth certificates in English and local language (the...
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    name change, N600 application for a child

    I want to drop the middle name for my son. Can I just put the first and last names in section 1 part 2 of the N600 application and include the middle name in section 2 part 2 (exact name as shown in GC)? Thanks
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    Due to the short time between the Oath and my travel. Is it possible to travel with the certificate and apply for the US passport in the consulate overseas or the consulate is only if you loose the passport?
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    3 Months residence with in state

    I do not think so. Some people even forget to file AR-11. Lease contract, utility bill, bank statement....etc will do the job for you.
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    3 Months residence with in state

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    automatic citizenship for Children

    Thank you very much. You are the most helpful!. I am going to fill N-400 to my older daughter. The overseas country (UAE) does not need visa.
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    automatic citizenship for Children

    My oath ceremony scheduled 1/24/2013. My first child DOB 2/27/94 (almost 19 years old), second child is 16 years and third one is 13 years old. All with GC for more than 5 years and never been outside US during that time interval. Q1. who is eligible for automatic citizenship? I assume the...
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    J1 transfer

    Where are you now in terms of "doing a J1 waiver" in another words: Is your application pending at the DOS or USCIS? are you still collecting paper work for the waiver and have not applied yet?. If you have pending waiver application, your chances to transfer is minimal till a decision is made...
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    Travel outsidethe US

    What do you think guys for almost 99% or more of the adds in this subforum asking about how to travel and keep GC? what is the time frame to get the biometrics? how can I extend the stay outside the US for more than 2 years.......etc? I do not see for long time: Is it OK to work more than one...
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    J1, 212 (e) and marriage

    The 2 year home country will prevent you from applying to working or immigrant visa e.g. H visa or green card NOT B2 visa. Visiting your spouse is a good reason to apply, will be granted or not no one can till. All days you spent in your home country AFTER finishing the J program (while on F) is...
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    Divorce after Green Card

    Once you rec'd GC as a dependent from emplyoment based category, continuation of the relation even for one day is not required anymore and will not affect citizenship application by any mean
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    re-entering the USA with green card and restraining order

    The secondary inspection is tied with the name till that name is taken off the list depending on the reason of being in that list in the first place. It has nothing to do with being GC or citizen. I know citizen stopped for secondary inspection every time returning back from overseas trips
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    J2 status whithdraw

    Once your J visa approved, you can not simply withdraw it and all requirement related to the J status apply according to your category
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    HELP please.. About I-131(re entry permit)

    Time is different from case to case but in average may take ~5 weeks or so. You can travel any time and ask whoever in your address to send you the permit overseas if you plan to stay for long time before your first return to US
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    Urgent: NIW approved, can I work in a different field?

    They may request interview with you to confirm your current job especially if something strange trigger that like changing address to another state for example. Otherwise no job background check to the best of my knowledge.
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    Help! Husband is active duty AF we have orders for 3yr tour to UK re entry permit is 2yrs...advice?

    2 years is the maximum time for the permit with no exception to that. Some have military duty for three years, others study for 4 years and so on. One of the options is to apply for another oermit toward the end of that one which may not work in most cases giving the fact of serving in military