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    H1B Stamping/Processing Question!

    Hi, to book an appointment with the VFS the u will have to take the Demanddraft with the HDFC bank first and then get it activated. I guess u will have to wait for 48hrs to get the activation and then u got to book ur slots. the proceedure is the same whether u book the slots from USA or...
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    URGENT: HELP NEED - L1 to H1

    L1to H1 Hi, you can go to Mexico for stamping in 2nd/3rd week of September. however u can start working only when your H1b period is Oct 1st. Incase ur h1b is rejected u can enter USA on your L1.
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    I-485 Pending, H1B Extn Stamping

    Hi, Our AOS is pending and we are planning to go to india for vacation. My husband has his h1B valid till 2010. Will it be good if he goes for H1B Extension stamping in India or we can enter using our AP. Please let me know your suggesions.