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    H1B Quota Official count

    Please visit to get the latest.
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    email notification problem

    user nfn has a complaint.
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    Standing Tall and delivering immigrants' viewpoint- Once again Rajiv

    Happened to chance on the Interview in C-Span in Washington Journal - with Rajiv Khanna (kaanaa as the host kept saying). Although it was about H2B visas, Rajiv castled calls about H1B visas too. Well done. Proud to be part of this community and following the leader. The archive video will be...
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    New tech issues

    here is a user WaitinginQ ( ) has reported this post: Re: Re: goastros This is part of this thread: TSC I485 Tracker for March 2004...
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    F1/OPT and 485- Ignorance is not bliss

    I get these questions a lot in the H and the 485 forums and I see that many F1, F2 (and OPT) holders are having this misunderstanding about having a F1 or OPT and applying for 485 changes your status scenario marginally. I will list the following observations. 1. Whether you are on F or OPT...
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    H1 Cap Fact Sheet

    H1B cap reached- When can we apply next H1?,3881,4707 Press Office U.S. Department of Homeland Security February 17, 2004 Contact: USCIS, Public Affairs 202-353-8472 Press Release USCIS ANNOUNCES NEW H-1B PROCEDURES - REACHES CAP...
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    Eligible to be a volunteer? Do you want to be one?

    Eligible to be a volunteer Moderator? Do you want to be one? I recommended a few people (including some who think I am a bully or always disagree with my view points) to become volunteer Moderator so that this forum has some fair opportunities for somebody not directing their INS frustration on...
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    Requests from I485 TSC forum

    1. A thread tracking all the I485 applications pending with TSC in the form of excel spreadsheets is being maintained by many volunteers in the I485 issues in TSC forum. They are finding it difficult to maintain one excel sheet consisting of all the pending cases because of the size limit of...
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    petition signing..

    What should be the fate of the signature if their case gets approved after they sign the complaint or join the class action suit? There are many TSC approvals and I get PMed on promoting "sign this petition even if your approval is nearby". However, there are applications with RD in...
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    Support lawsuit against USCIS- class action status possible.
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    AP approval when should it happen?

    There are lots of misunderstanding about advance parole among the browsers of the forum. One of the chief being : can we apply for AP when you are out of USA or whether an approved AP when you are out of USA is still valid. I invite in the preference of order 1. Personal experiences where...
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    Technical Difficulties

    Following users have reported problems I am giving the text of their emails. 1.kannareddy ( ) has reported this post: Snow This is part of this thread: November - Visa Revalidation...
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    king1999- a request

    Can you consolidate all your thoughts about the perl script you wrote in a new thread? There are some complaints from some section (who do not take the time to browse thru your thread) about too many "important" threads.
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    stats from bcis
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    Earned Legalization and Family Unification Act of 2003

    This is indeed boon for H1 holders who have continuously maintained status for the past 5 years. go to and type HR 3271 in the Bill Number search window read it up and soak...
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    Judiciary sub commitee on immigration

    Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims Mr. John N. Hostettler, Chairman 8th district Indiana B-370B Rayburn HOB, Tel: 202-225-5727 Mr. Jeff Flake 6th district, Arizona Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee 18th district, texas, democrat Mrs. Marsha Blackburn 7th district, tennesse...
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    Earned Legalization: HR 3271

    go here and type HR3271 in bill number. See which state reps are supporting this bill Rep.Gephardt?!? -ok what is the trick? Co sponsors: TX rep- Rep Frost, Martin - [TX-24]; Rep...
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    Good opportunity

    Rajiv/Monica I personally think that there is a good opportunity for your advocacy efforts to come to fruition and to create a sustainable process of letting the applicants voice their opinions in an unified manner. Please see the OCEAN project or Action team or meeting TSC director (all...
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    Good News: Special procedure in chennai consulate ends.

    In there is a news flash: "APPOINTMENTS FOR APPLICANTS FROM SOUTH INDIA The Embassy of the United States of America is pleased to announce that there is no longer an extended waiting period for appointments for nonimmigrant visa interviews at the U.S. Consulate...
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    Approaching TSC Director

    This is the official thread that lists people who volunteer (your words of encouragement is appreciated, but if you are not able to volunteer-please dont crowd this thread) Let us have some volunteers and workable suggestions as to how you want to go about doing this. I have a friend who is...